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If everyone has a third eye what is it that it see and how do you read auras?

What is it used for how do you know when your third eye is opened? When it is opened how do you close it? and as for auras how do you read them and what do the color of an aura mean?


  1. I don’t know if you have a choice about when it opens, but I’ve seen a red aura around a man who abuses women, sexually molests girls, and tried to kill his own mother. Not sure what that means.
    Blackberry: “They say you cannot blink and you have to stare until you start to see the aura ”
    That is how it was! I was sitting in a room with him, there was a white wall behind him, and I stared at him for a while. I felt a little strange. He stared back. The rest of the room got a little darker. I’ll never forget it. Needless to say, I got out of there.

  2. The third eye has to be opened, this is done by meditating and focusing on it. Once it’s open there’s really no way to close it, not like you would want to. The color of aura’s tells all about a person’s emotional state, as well as health. Colors mean a degree of certain things, different colors for different emotional states and mental qualities.
    Here’s a great website on opening the 3rd eye, as well as the rest of energy centers of the body.
    I recommend looking over the entire sight, it contains spiritual knowledge which is unrivaled…

  3. The 3rd eye, crown chakra, kundalini, all seeing eye, etc. etc. etc. is the Pineal gland, which is in your forehead and shaped like a pine cone, which is why the Vatican has the big pine cone statue. At death and while we’re sleeping, the pineal gland releases the powerful psychedelic drug/neurochemical DMT into our brains. The pineal gland can also be tricked into releasing its DMT through certain spiritual techniques found in the ancient religions if interpreted more correctly. If you open it, you’ll know it for sure hehe…

  4. Red would be anger most likely . Some poeple say they can teach you to read them . They say you cannot blink and you have to stare until you start to see the aura and that it is best to stare with white backdrop behind the person whose aura you want to see. I tried to see that and I did not see much. Good because it is probably something evil God did not want for to do. I have seen orbs of color with no people around. Different colors might stand for different emotions or other meanings such as healing colors or something either positive or negative. Be it either one I am trusting Jesus.It is better to pray and find out from God not looking to auras. Sometimes we make boxes of how we will do things and God does things his way. We can just trust God to help us in his ways. Test the spirits to see if they are from God.


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