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If divination is a sin, how come Jesus, Paul, John OT prophets did it?

In order to see visions of the future, one must be in a deep meditative state. That’s when people see angels. Seeing the prophecy of Revelation definitely involved pineal gland activation. Healing others, transformation, seeing God, fellowship with the Father — all seen through the pineal gland in meditative prayer. No wonder Jesus meditated all night. He had fellowship with his Father and his pineal gland was active for the entire day the next day in order to keep the yoke with his Father. He showed us that we could do it as well because he was a man. The seal of God in Revelation is a light in the center of our foreheads. Sorcerers already are able to see this phenomenon on Christians, but not on others. This knowledge makes the Gospels actually make sense. Can’t you see that the Bible is simply a map so the reader can activate the seal of God on their foreheads?


  1. Your question makes an assumption. That the power to do miracles, see angels, etc comes from within the human and his pineal gland.
    The Bible teaches that those power lie outside of man, and in the hand of God. That He from the outside, not some power or hormones within a human, preforms the miracles, reveals the future, or gives insight into the spiritual. That is the polar opposite of divination.
    If Paul believed in and practiced divination, why did he cast out the spirit within a woman who did practice divination and end her abilities to do so in Acts 16?

  2. Divination is not the same as meditation. Divination involves calling on the souls of dead person to predict and perform wonders in the present. The bible never mentions Jesus, Paul, John or the Old Testament prophets doing it. You are either telling outright lies or reading another book. As for your pineal gland, leave that to psychologists. They know what to make of it better than charlatans can.

  3. Brother, get back on your meds. You’re getting worse..Meditating for good reasons and causes is not what the Bible is referencing…When we pray we are doing a form of meditation if we’re doing it right, because we are shutting all other stimulus out and concentrating on relaxing with God only.
    As for your pineal gland activation problem, I’m not sure what that thought is coming from but it really needs to be looked into. I’m postive that God had no intentions of meditating or talking with us with the intentions of “stimulating” us sexually.


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