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If Dalai and Panchin Lamas have reincarnated for centuries, why have they no solution to Chinese conquerers?

Spirituality author, Lobsang T. Rampa brought Tibetean Lamaism to World attention with his interesting series of novels, allegedly based on his own life story.
The point is that Lamaism is supposed to make you a superior being. Why have none of them any solution to the Chinese threat? L. Ron Hubbard called the Tibetan situation: “The wisest men in the World overthrown by the stupidest soldiers in the World.”
Before you can get anywhere spiritually, Scientology and Tensegrity agree with Lobsang Rampa, that you must achieve Total Recall. This alone is enough to solve most material problems.
Next, one develops ESP ability to perceive at a distance whether in Time or Space. This is the ability to see through opaque objects, and to read the Timeline of any object or person- even the entire Planet- this is called “THE AKASHIC RECORD. ”
The next ability to come on line: TELEKINESIS, which is nothing other than the ability to create/annihilate/transform energy.
With these abilities, Tibet should have been invincible.
The Fifth ability is TRANSLATION, which is the ability to TELEPORT into other Universes.
The Evil DEVIL race, whom Jesus of Nazareth fought, especially do not want Man to recover this ability, because they depend on us as their constant food source.
This is what all Humans should be working together to recover, so we can get off this overcrowded Globe.
Dear Maurog:
It it NOT sure. Lobsang Rampa said, that if any such thing were revealed to the West, they would take it to their labs and and DESTROY it, so that they could say,
“Well, it MIGHT have worked once, but it sure doesn’t now.. !”
Do you have any ability that no one believed that YOU could have? Who mocked and derided you for saying that you could do what most of them couldn’t? [At 7, no one believed that I could play chess. I was the only Black in that entire town.]
Would YOU eagerly rush to demonstrate that ability to them? Even for a million bucks?
That sort of money is of no value to such people.
Dear “John P (I’m only a bug):”
Having superior Wisdom means that you solve problems whether you have the cooperation of the problem or not.
For instance, can you conceive of an answer so wise, that if you told it to the Drug Pushers and Barons, the White Slavers, and Mafias, that they would immediately give up their evil trades and “go straight?” THAT is what is meant by “Divine Wisdom,” and it is routine for a genuinely holy man to come up with such utterances.
There is something that the Chinese do not know- several Somethings, probably- that if you told them, they would simply pack up their gear and go home- maybe even stick their own guns up their *** and pull the triggers.
For instance, if you gave them the blueprints for a “Star Trek”-type REPLICATOR, where they could create any element or compound synthetically, would not the powerful nations of the World- America and China both, stop trying to rob other countries?
This is part of what “Divine Wisdom” covers!
Dear “John P (I’m only a bug):”
The solution to such a problem cannot be,
“Everybody just do as I say.”
The Perfect Answer must satisfy all participants. The Chinese do not care for the Tibetan people- they just want their mineral resources and to control what goes on in their strategic location. Conversely, the Tibetans don’t give a hoot about China and its own problems.
Respect for National Sovereignty ceased to mean anything once nuclear weapons were invented. It would be irresponsible to just let an independent Tibet or Taiwan, because they are “Sovereign Nations” bring in nukes from their own self-determined alliances, that could turn China into a desert crater in under thirty minutes.
If that terror is not addressed, China cannot possibly hear anything anyone else has to say.
There is no way that the Dalai Lama could just stick his neck in the lion’s mouth and go directly to the Chinese, but it does seem unfair people just go die on his vague hints and veiled suggestions.
Dear “gnt t:”
It is a fact that some national leaders happened to be prophets. Actually, the king of a people should never be other than a prophet.
In SCIENTOLOGY, L. Ron Hubbard taught that Man exists on Eight Dynamic levels:
1.Self; 2.Family; 3.Groups; 4.All Mankind; 5.All Living Things; 6.The MEST [Physical] Universe; 7.Spirit; 8.God.
The levels of awareness that must be immediately accessed to be able to solve the Problems of the Dynamics are (out of 40):
8.Self; 12.Groups; 15.All Mankind; 22.The MEST Universe; 32.Spirits; 40.God.
The purpose of spiritual exercise is therefore to build up the life energy of awareness needed to be able to access the levels of awareness needed to be able to rule the Dynamics.
A competent spiritual man or woman indeed rules their environment, such that nothing happens to them or their neighbours without their consent. No one can fall sick, suffer misfortune, or die, unless the holy ones in that place allow it. They can also reverse anything.


  1. They *do* have a solution but no one is listening. As to the rest of your posting, what is your question?
    May all be at peace.

  2. There are no winners here, no matter which side prevails.
    The Tibetan people lose no matter what. Either they are governed by the authoritarian Chinese state, or they are governed by the authoritarian feudal state of the Dalai Lama.
    I wish people would remove their rosey glasses and look at the history of Tibetan governments.

  3. Only some prophets were awarded with worldly domain like Moses, David, Salman and Muhammad. AS a general rule, the religious personalitis are not supposed to have an empire, so was lamas who claim to be only spirtual guides.

  4. We should always be humble before the Lamas and show respect. History is arranged by the Gods in Heaven. Since we don’t have the wisdom of the respectful living Buhhda or the God’s, we’ll be always be puzzled.
    Gods are watching but remain stealth. God descends to the human realm usually un-announced.
    Jesus had power but he didn’t end the persecution.
    Moses also had power but he didn’t genocide his enemies.
    Tibetan Buddhists has not fought back violently against the Chinese Communist regime.
    Chinese Falun Gong disciples has suffered persecution in great tolerance.
    The underground church Christians also suffered in China.
    Throughout history, the human realm has been the battle ground between the evils and the faithfuls. The faithful disciples have to face the test of persecution against the evil and maintain their compassion and tolerance. Therefore, the disciples are not armed with weapons but armed with the righteousness, worthy of in the glory in Heaven.
    The future is bright because the Righteous will prevail. Turthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance will always be in the universe and the human realm.
    The Global Human Rights Torch Relay (HRTR) aims to draw attention to human rights abuses by the Chinese communist regime befoe the 2008 Beijing Olympics, while highlighting the persecution of Falun Gong, the most severely persecuted group in China today, killing of peacful Tibetans, the Burnamese and people in Darfur. As hundreds of thousands innocent Chinese citizens are held as prisoners of conscience without charge or trial, we are calling on China to improve its human rights and respect human dignity, and we urge the International Olympic Committee to keep its promises to follow the Olympic charter. Please support this event.

  5. They haven’t solved the problem, which shows your theories are wrong. Neither has L. Ron Hubbard and his followers, by the way.
    And Buddhism is about changing the inner conditions, not the outer.


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