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If creative visualization and affirmations really work, will I be able to attract a dream lover into my life?

I’ve been reading up a lot of books on the power of our subconscious mind and using visualization to get what you want such as career success, good health & relationships etc. But none has touched on attracting a desired life partner into our life.
Does it work the same way too?


  1. Yes, absolutely. Better yet, have a conversation with your “higher self.” That’s how I found my sweetie, and we are soooo in sync it’s scary.
    Take some time, and say “Okay, higher self, I know you’re in touch with my dream-man’s higher self. I’m ready to meet him, so hook us up!” I say that to my boyfriend sometimes. I tell him “My people talked to your people – we did lunch!” I really believe that, and we are the most uncanny perfect match. I wish I had thought to do that sooner.
    Also, there’s a great book called “Ask and it is Given” by Jerry and Esther Hicks. It’s all you ever wanted to know about manifesting, and how to attract what you want into your life (including the right relationship). Check it out! You can get it at Amazon, or any bookstore, and that book is work 10 times its weight in gold.
    Good luck, and just know for a fact that he’s out there, dreaming about you, too.

  2. It may. thats a good ?
    i think it does becase love at frist sight? some will have to look but you don’t what to look forever so about 21 year of age you find a good peson becase it’s hard to find good people

  3. Well, it worked for me. But I’ll caution you: It wasn’t the person I had in mind, but the person who did show up–two years later, I couldn’t ask for anyone better. Just keep your mind and expectations open.

  4. Yes, though be careful of what you think you want. Don’t worry about attracting a specific person by name, but by personality and physical features that you want in a partner. Be careful though, you may get exactly what you ask for and might find it is not what you wanted or needed.

  5. as long as you visualize the qualities and not a specific person. messing around with the free will of others only leads to trouble.

  6. Similarly……like the way that it is better to affirm the bounty of your abundance than to affirm what your salary is while you work for a specific company, it is far better to determine what the values or qualities you would have if you were in a relationship with an ideal lover, and affirm that you have those now. If you get the mix exactly right, you’ll begin having those feelings and suddenly the ideal person will show up.
    Remember: “Be, Do, Have.”
    A word on ‘ideal’, be sure to imagine someone with faults, someone you loves all of you including your faults, otherwise it still works, but eventually he dumps you because he can’t deal with your faults.
    For that matter, if you’ve been affirming the qualities you would gain from such a relationship, and it seems to be taking longer than you’d like, start focusing on the faults you would accept, figure out where guys with such faults congregate, do some affirmations on starting a relationship with one of them, and start visiting those places and/or getting involved with the stuff they do (Whether you really like it or not).
    Brightest Blessings!!!

  7. Yup. But the same rules apply – you don’t visualise a particular person. You visualise yourself having already achieved the desired goal – career, love, whatever – and leave the rest to the powers that be. They will plot the course to your chosen destination. The specifics may be unexpected. You will get what you asked for, not what you think you wanted. So, instead of asking the powers that be for a specific person, you ask them to provide you with that “soulmate”. They will then start putting things in place so that you are ready, and then he or she will arrive. At just the right time.


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