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if consciousness exists outside the body why is it hard to stay alert while in deep sleep?

Does consciousness need 8 hours of rest to exist?


  1. don’t even pay attention to those nut jobs… My conciousness is in one place and one place only… I can hardly follow anything right now, beause I just jerked it off an hour ago.

  2. IF…!
    So I guess it doesn’t exist outside the body.
    Which is a relief. I don’t think I’d like to exist and not have a body.

  3. As it happens… there is a little chemical released in the hypothalamus that makes you feel tired…
    Stop that chemical being produced…. and you never get tired nor sleepy. Ever.
    Of course, the consequences of this are probably that eventually the human body will burn itself out for all intents and purposes… The aging process would be accelerated, the mind wouldn’t have any oppurtunity to organise what it was learning constantly, everything would become sore and eventually you would become effectively non-functional.
    But that isn’t really the point, is it?
    Your question is rhetorical, and I agree with you.

  4. That’s a good question and one that is an undervalued foil to arguments for a non-physical “soul”. When you have a full night of relatively dreamless sleep, where was your soul? When you pass out and wake up at the hospital, where was your soul?


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