If class consciousness is an invention of the left, why do conservatives react differently to Warren Buffet?

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I’ve seen it over and over. When someone criticizes the Right’s plans, step one is to argue that the critic “doesn’t know what they’re talking about” as they likely not wealthy or a business owner.
However when the same things are pointed out by people who ARE wealthy or ARE business owners, the Right seems to regard these people as some kind of traitors. As if to ask, “Who’s side are you on, anyway?” or “What’s your real agenda?”
This to be seems to indicate that the Right very MUCH has class consciousness, and perhaps more so than the Left. What say you?

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John Doe

Buffet could wipe with $100 bills and not miss it.
He is a senile old fool that feels guilty that hes got so much money.
Boo hoo…


If Buffet gets his way and the income tax rises, he’s not going to be losing any of his money or paying any additional tax. The only way he will pay for more tax is if the capital gains tax is raised as well. But he doesn’t want that.
Income tax and capital gains taxes are two completely different things. Rich people already pay a much higher tax rate than the lower income levels on their INCOME. Everyone pays the same on capital gains, that is a flat tax (as it should be). Why should someone who has invested their money wisely and makes more on the market be punished with higher taxes? Makes no sense to me…all that does is discourage investment. Fewer people would want to RISK their money in the stock market, only to end up paying half of it back if they make anything…that is absurd. Raising capital gains taxes will do two things : discourage investment, and punish the middle class.
Buffet is in 80s and he is going to use it the way he wants (give it to charity) rather than pay income or estate taxes to the government. He knows that charities will make better use of his money than the government or he would pay his taxes.

How would I know

Warren Buffet? You mean the guy who says he isn’t taxed enough.. while he owes nearly a BILLION dollars in back taxes? Why is it so hard for liberals to find somebody who actually pays their taxes to say that everybody else should pay more taxes?

Dawn of the Zombie g

oh God, and don’t get them started on George Soros…
you could sit here all day listing bad things that corporations have done and they would just ask you “why are you so jealous?”… yet mention soros and they’ll make a big list of things he’s done… lol… I guess they’re “jealous?”


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