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If Christianity is so true, why are they afraid to look into other religions and the occult?

If the Occult is all lies, then why do you fear it? If Christianity is so true, why do you teach your children to be closed minded, to fear everything else, and to not research other things?


  1. I thought this was a fair question until you began generalising. “If Christianity is so true, why do you teach your children to be closed minded,” Who says all Christians are like that. Who says all Christians have children? Seriously. There are devout and non-practising.
    Why is this directed to Christians only Muslims and Jews do the same.

  2. Have you ever tried marijuana, crack cocaine, pot and all those wonderful things?
    If not, why not? Don’t you want to experience the good things in life?

  3. Because christianity has done so many things wrong in the past they don’t want their ”followers” to find out about this… Satanism saw these mistakes so christianity tells everyone that satanism is bad and they don’t want people to know more about them but their way of thinking is way better than all those christian things.. I hope I helped

  4. Because the occult gives you knowledge and power and the program of Christianity was created to remove that.

  5. there is no other way you can spread dogmatic cult nonsense . induce terror. it always works. bash anything which might disprove your beliefs or has contrary views. clever use of the words “sin” “hell” “eternal fire” etc will do the trick.
    all abrahamic religions are the same, arent they ? follow me or go to hell.

  6. I couldn’t possibly care less.
    I just wish they’d stop pushing their mythology on us.
    This is just revolting – so they have this little book full of semantic babbling which they can use to justify all their hatred and intolerance all because they can claim it’s the word of some tyrannical ‘god’.
    Have I mentioned how revolting this is?

  7. I am a Born Again Christian,We are not afraid of anything,Why seek false information when you have the truth in your heart,When you accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior,all the questions you have are answered,The Bible is Fact and all others are Fiction.Hope this helps.

  8. because they worship a human his name Jesus and he is a messenger
    weak when you worship something the he died !!! you will feel bad
    worship god who don`t die or sleep or feel tired or go to bathroom or god who eat and sleep
    that is my god ALLAH

  9. I am NOT a Christian but my faith is surely anchored in Jesus and I worship in a local church with Christians. To answer your question directly is to know THAT you do not understand WHAT it means to walk by faith and not by sight or the things of this world. To actually walk by faith is to purpose to face east on the land and be led by the Holy Spirit into everything that is God given from the Kingdom of Christ. “To TURN BACK” from walking by faith is to turn WEST and face the world again. EVERYONE who is not walking east and toward the Kingdom of Christ by FAITH is heading WEST and walking by reason. In the United States these west walkers heading toward Lucifer’s Kingdom are ALL Democrats, and many are in the occult, false religions, and yes, unfortunately the African American Christian is duped by these false prophets called Democrats and occultists.


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