If Chakra or Chi is real, what do you believe it is composed of? Do you think the soul is composed of matter?

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If the soul is composed of matter then perhaps reincarnation is real being that..it could take another form just not be destroyed..
well maybe to some people this does matter it would be nice if you respected others interests
I didn’t mean the Chakra in Star Wars because I don’t watch Star Wars
Chi is a Taoist belief

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Rev. Albert Einstein

Does it matter?
“It is appointed unto men once to die, and after this the judgement”


Yes they are real. It is all a form of energy. It is not made up of matter like our bodies. I believe the energy can be released but not destroyed.


I’ve dissected the human body, and never have I seen the soul organ. If it were made of matter we would have found it by now I should think. What you are talking about is magic, not matter, don’t confuse magic with reality.


When I was training in martial arts, my sensei told me to store up my chi for my competition bouts. I asked where my chi is kept, and how do I store it up. He told me my chi is in my semen, and to store it up is to not ejaculate when I am with my gf.
I doubt that my soul is made of the same stuff, even though I don’t know if a soul exists.

Ms. Taurus

Peeps brand marshmallow stuff.


Chi is generally accepted to be a “universal life force evergy.” It is naturally occuring in all living things just like radiation is naturally emitted from uranium. Chi is chi, it isn’t composed of anything, it is a base element that doesn’t have molecules in the way air does. It permeates air.
Chakras I believe are certain centers of the body where chi collects in large amounts.
A universal lifeforce energy does not necessarily mean reincarnation. The energy could simply leave the body once it dies and collect into any nearby vessel.
@ the semen comment… many religions, including some of the most secret esoteric societies and books, believe that as well. To the point that if you ejaculate, you drop partially or completely down the “path to enlightenment” or whatever you want to call it.


I can only guess what it is composed of…the pure energy of love, essence of God?


I do not believe the soul, if it exists, is composed of matter. abiogeek2: Do not confuse magic with spirituality.


Chi is the energy of the body and spirit. So hence it being energy it cannot die only be redistributed. That is also how reincarnation happens.
The soul is energy with the body as it’s vessel. So when new life takes shape it uses energy around it to give life to it. So hence energy is used over and over again for it does not die.
That is just MY view on it at least.


It is just energy, your life energy. Your soul is not the chi, your soul would reincarnate, but your chi is what allow you body to do its function.


I look at it like invisible, endless “thought bubbles”. I don’t really know how else to explain it.


As children of God, we must not be surprised when we discover within ourselves evidences of the divine.
Joseph Smith, Jr., taught that there is no such thing as immaterial matter. Spirits are simply a finer or purer form of (much lighter) matter that human beings normally can’t see. Spirits, being immortal, cannot be destroyed; but the sons of Perdition who are at last cast into Outer Darkness might wish otherwise.
I almost wish that I could believe in reincarnation — but I do not. I respect your beliefs, however, and God bless you.
Now as for qi, it has been given many names and descriptions. For all I know it is the electrical and/or chemical energy that keeps our bodies functioning. It could be a manifestation of our spirits or energy controlled by our spirits.
But still, we do not have to have proof of our spirits for us to love or worship God; we do not have to prove qi nor its true nature to profit from exercises and meditations that allow us to improve our health or minds with it.


Chakras are any of several points of physical or spiritual energy in the human body. They are found and manipulated physically. So being as they are places on the body I would have to say they are pressure points. Chi us vital energy that is held to animate the body internally. Therefore Chakras are composed of pressure points and Chi is (literally) the breath that keeps you alive. As for the soul I do think it is composed of some form of matter but one that we are not yet aware of.

outta here

Chakra was a character in “Star Trek, the Final Frontier”…. the entity was a fraud….
Under agreement and cooperation (as long as he plays it by the book), Sybok relinquishes the helm back to Kirk, and the Enterprise successfully crosses the Great Barrier, finding a planet in this uncharted region of space. Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Sybok explore the planet, which seems completely barren until a strange outcropping of rocks rises from the ground in front of them and an entity appears to them. Masquerading as God, the entity asks the explorers how they got there. When told about the Enterprise, it demands passage aboard the ship in order to leave both the planet and the Great Barrier and to spread his knowledge to the rest of the Universe. When the skeptical Kirk questions the entity’s motivation (“What does God need with a starship?”), it turns malevolent, harming Kirk. McCoy and Spock rush to his rescue, and even Spock has to ask for an answer to the question. Sybok then realizes that the alien entity is actually the manifestation of his own arrogance, seeking to escape the Great Barrier.

Luke R

Reality check 101…..
With little knowledge or understanding many speak…..
Every human being knows the soul, the spirit, or what have you…..is eternal….and something we cannot easily describe. Matter?? Unlikely…since it is part of the supernatural realm….or spiritual realm…..one that is not seen or sensed in any way by our mortal senses. But, nonetheless…..it is “real”….and very eternal…..destination??? Only known between the maker of the soul and the soul itself.
Case closed.


well, i believe to chakra, i don’t know bout chi (is chi some kind of luck?) what i belive about chakra is also based on science, evrything i believe is based on science. chakra can be explained also as energy coming out from humans. ennergy that can produced by eating food. reincarnation on the other hand is the most diffucult thing to be proved. i mean, we humans are made from earth, and to earth to shall we come again. and it would be hardly possible that this set of dust or earth would form the same pattern as like to the pattern of our own genes, it’s like
0.1 *10 to the 100000000000000000 is to how many atoms this planet contains…. it’s like a miracle…..
but here’s the trivia……10% of human genes is still unmapped, some say this percemtage belongs to the human soul……….


The soul is eternal.
Where are you from? If you do not mind I want to know you more.Thanks.


According to ancient Vedic scriptures, like the Bhagavad Gita, The soul is, for lack of a better word, spiritual.
The material body is made of
These are the layers that cover the soul. The soul leaves the body and enters a new body at the time of conception.
An example given in the Bhagavad Gita is :
A person changes their clothes. When the clothes are old and useless, the person throws them away and gets new clothes.
Similarly, All throughout life we change our body from baby, to childhood, to youth, to middle age and to old age. When our body is no longer useful to us, we die and get a new body.
So it’s very simple like that.
The symptom that we have a soul is consciousness or cetan. The soul produces various energies and animates
the body.
The soul is a person who is covered by layers of ignorance and illusion. When the soul realizes who they are, and who God is and what their relationship with God is, then the illusion is finished.
The Bhagavad Gita describes the individual soul as eternal,
cannot be burnt,
cannot be dried,
or broken,
or crushed,
or cut,
or harmed in any way.
It is not slain when the body is slain.
We have had many lives, but we do not remember. God remembers all of them.


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