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if chakra is real why can people not use jutsus like in naruto?

because that would be awesome if jutsus were real and alot of people say chakra is real
oh and by the way dont tell me to GROW UP OK all growing up does for you is that it brings you closer to death
so do not tell me to grow up


  1. its not real grow up.
    lol chakra, tsk tsk spiritual energy tsk tsk people must believe in having a spirit and that brings on the whole religion thing just too much work.
    and y do u fear death? it is the fate of all and no one can escape it. In fact it is death that helps bring people closer in a spiritualatity or if prefer chakra.

  2. that one on Narito is somethin different…i think chakra is the energy within..that needs a lot of concentration…

  3. Chakra is real, it’s basically the spiritual energy that flows through you, but the jutsus (at least the jutsus they’re showing on Naruto) is fiction.

  4. grow up man u & me & everyone else r closer to death every breath we take.. anyway if jutsus aren’t real than do u think chakra is real?

  5. CHAKRA ARE ENERGY POINTS IN YOUR BODY NOT THINGS TO DO JUTSUS. The Closest thing to That is the Chi or Life Force which could be used for attacks but not in the way it happens in Naruto. Try to do some research.
    This are the real Chakras
    Energy Flows through them , they are not actual energy, to do magic tricks like in Naruto. As a matter of fact that is nothing like real Ninjutso. (The Martial art the REAL Ninjas used)

  6. Controlling chakra and using for justu you need,being touch with spiritual energy which is brought out through excessive training.Combine with spiritual and physical energy they can be brought out and used as justus. That’s why there are hand symbols when combing hand seals into a certain combination and pattern you can active what the hand symbols equal out to like fire a shadow clones for example.
    Here’s soe more info on it:
    Body Energy (身体エネルギー, Shintai Enerugī?) is a vital force generated within the cells of living organisms. Combined with Spiritual Energy (精神エネルギー, Seishin Enerugī?), or force of will and mental fortitude, it can be harnessed to a variety of uses, such as the production of the superhuman stamina used in taijutsu, or formation of the energy known as chakra (チャクラ, chakura?), essential to the use of even the most basic of jutsu.[4]
    Once created, chakra moves about the body to any of its 64 release (Chakra) points, utilizing a network of passages not unlike the circulatory system. By various means — handseals being the most common — it can then be manipulated to the end materializing effects otherwise impossible under the laws of nature, such as walking on water or breathing fire. In the context of oriental martial arts philosophy, chakra is indistinguishable from Qi (Chi).
    Depending on the ratio in which physical and spiritual energy is mixed, different types of chakra can be formed. Elemental chakra is the most common product of this, and is used to perform elemental jutsu. The five known elemental natures are earth, fire, lightning, water, and wind. Most ninja have a natural affinity to one type of chakra, but have the capacity to create elemental chakra apart from their own affinity. Each element is both stronger and weaker against another. The order is fire, wind, lightning, earth, and water, with each being weaker than the previous and stronger than the next. Water loops back into fire. For example, a lightning based attack would be very effective against an earth based defense, but easily countered by a wind user. Additionally, elemental techniques can be countered by techniques of the same element, provided the technique being countered is of equal or lesser power. A sixth elemental chakra has been mentioned but yet not identified, so its nature and weaknesses in relation to the others are unknown.
    Certain kekkei genkai can also create unique elements, such as wood (earth + water) and ice (water + wind), through a mixture of the basic elements, which normal ninja are incapable of doing. While some ninja are capable of producing varied types of chakra, they can’t do so simultaneously. Yamato also mentions light and dark chakra, but doesn’t elaborate on what they’re used for.
    Naruto Rocks!!!!!

  7. chakra is real, i agree w/ u 100%.. i read bout it, and its real, but u have to like use it in energy wise, when i say tht, i mean tht it gives u extra energy, and it is pretty much the extra energy u use sometimes if u know how to(i know i sound stupid, but its the truth).. i think thts y u cant use it like the way naruto does, cuz its just extra energy stored inside u, but honestly, idk, maybe u can, we just dont know how, but i agree w/ u a full 100% … dont let ppl say to u grow up. cuz this is all true, so dont worry wat ppl think bout wat u say, cuz in the end, it all comes down to wat u think, but in my opinion, i think u should stay the way u r 🙂
    …i honestly think there is something u can use chakra for besides extra energy, if u find something bout it, plz let me know 🙂 ill look too

  8. chakra i think, is more powerful in naruto and u can access it easier but i dont think its possible to create jutsus because the points and the flow of chakra isnt as big and we dont have that much amount of chakra.
    also its really hard to concentrate it becuase i saw this one guy on ripley’s believe it or not who was really old and was mastered in some martial arts thing and he created heat from his hand it was awesome caus ethey used an infrared camera to show the heat change i think it was due to chakra
    but if u could use chakra and justus here that would be awesome ^^
    i wondered the same thing though….lol

  9. Ok ok, everyone who tells this guy to grow heres a tip, shut up. Death is nothing to be afraid of but the real secret that everyone has is that we ARE afraid. Do for those of you up there who says they’re not afraid, you’re lying. Ok so let me clear this whole thing up for you guys right now. OF COURSE THERE’S CHAKRA YOU NON BELIEVING NITWITS!!!! Withous chakra, or energy, we would all die, or be a really big couh potatoe. Now the way to use it, that is the true mystery behind all this. But let me tell you this, we were always, ALWAYS told that NOTHING is impossible and that you can do ANYTHING that you set your mind to. All it takes is practice and concentration, that’s all..oh and time. In reality we only use about 5 percent of out brain, but if we push the limit and use more just think about what we could accomplish. Me, well i rise up to any challenge and i WILL master the use of chakra and for all of you says that I’m crazy let me say, aren’t we all in our own way? If you wanna know more just email me at scrone63@yahoo.com I’ll try to answer any question you might conjur up in your brain to the best of my own abilities.

  10. I know chakra and jutsus are real! I have a special ability in my eyes that heals me faster than other humans! This is true! I can heal sicknesses, wounds, bone breaks, faster than average! Its a special focus i ue with my eyes! Its pretty incredible!

    • wow can someone train me? I have been trying to do the rasengan i have been training with water balloons but its NOT WORKING I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO DO IT FOR YEARS SOMEONE PLEASE TEACH ME OR TELL ME HOW TO DO IT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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