if catholics dont believe in reincarnation why do they believe jesus rose from the dead?





i think it is strange that they state specifically that they dont believe in reincarnation but they do believe that someone has risen from the dead and will come back someday. why is this? i am not catholic and go to a catholic school and want to know.


  1. That’s resurrection, not reincarnation.
    Reincarnation is when you come back as something else and start anew. Resurrection is when your old self is revived and you continue on.

  2. There is the incarnation, God becoming man.
    And, there is the resurrection, Jesus raising from the dead.
    I think you have these two terms conjumbled.

  3. There is a big difference between resurrection and reincarnation. Resurrection means coming back to life but in a higher plane. Reincarnation means taking back the same old life on the same plane but in another venue. Through this toilsome world, alas, once and only once we pass.

  4. Jesus was resurrected, not reincarnated…
    Resurrection: Coming back to life after death…
    Reincarnation: Coming back to life after death, but in another body, usually as an animal…

  5. reincarnation: (re-: done over)(in-: within)(carne-: flesh)(-tion: makes a word a verb). When one’s spirit enters the flesh of another body.
    resurrection is when someone comes back from the dead in their own body.

  6. reincarnation is totally different then Resurrection. Resurrection means just that he rose from the dead while reincarnation means you come back in a totally different body as well as gender

  7. You obviously have access to a computer. Please use it. The most cursory research will show that there is no relationship between the ideas of reincarnation and resurrection.
    Now—just to throw a monkeywrench into this discussion and confuse you more: Please explain how Mormons believe in pre-existence but not in reincarnation. Yes, you’re gonna have to do some research, not just toss out flippant, bumper-sticker phrases. But I think you’ll find it very interesting!

  8. The Word of God [Yahweh] put on flesh and dwelt among us. And He died on the cross. He raised from the dead in an eternal body.
    So we who believe in Him, will raise up bodily like He raised up.
    Jesus is up at the Right Hand of the Father, yet in our hearts through the Holy Spirit. So the Holy Spirit will raise us up when Jesus comes back for us.

  9. Jesus isn’t just anyone. He is the Son of God and although He was sent in a human body by being born of the Virgin Mary and ascending after His death; He doesn’t come back as something or someone different. He will still return as Jesus to judge the living and the dead. In reincarnation, people are supposed to come back as someone or something else.

  10. In reincarnation your soul travels into another body but Jesus’ body was not in the tomb and that is call Resurrection which I believe even though I am not Catholic.

  11. Yes, others have already answered it for you, but I’ll add my two cents. Under the idea of reincarnation, EVERY living thing has a soul. After it dies, the soul lives on, is recycled into ANOTHER live form that is MORE ADVANCED than the previous. Over decades and decades, even centuries and centuries, the idea is that your soul is advancing with the advancement in these life forms.
    Reincarnation is QUITE DIFFERENT than God simply bringing a dead person back to life! Lazarus was brought back to life, yes? People die on the operating table and in the ER all the time and are brought back. That ain’t reincarnation!
    Let’s be clear: NO CHRISTIAN believes in reincarnation because …
    A) NO life forms except humans have souls
    B) There is not one syllable of scripture that indicates that God recycles souls, let alone advances us through various life forms
    I am AMAZED how Christians get attacked for believing in God in the face of overwhelming evidence that the God of the Bible is real and the one and only true God; yet, things like …
    A) Ouija boards
    B) Numerology
    C) Astrology
    D) Reincarnation
    E) Karma
    F) ESP
    G) UFO’s
    Etc. that have no evidence for their existence are often legitimized by the same people who try to cast doubts on God and the Bible.

  12. Resurrection and reincarnation are two different things:
    REINCARNATION – The theory of the transmigration of human souls from one body, whether human or animal, to another. Taught by Plato (427-347 B.C.) and nowadays by theosophists, it is the single most characteristic feature of the Eastern religions, in the Vedic, mainly Hindu, and Buddhist traditions. (Etym. Greek meta, change + empsychos, animate.)
    RESURRECTION – The rising from the dead of Christ on the third day after his death and burial. Christ’s Resurrection is a basice truth of Christianity, which is expressed in all the Creeds and in all rules of faith of the ancient Church. He rose through his own power. The source of his Resurrection was the hypostatic union. The principal cause was the Word of God, together with the Father and the Holy Spirit; the intrumental cause was the parts of Christ’s humanity, soul, and body, which were hypostatically united with the God-head. Whe Scripute asserts (Acts 2:24; Galatians 1:1) that Christ was raised by God or by the Father, these statemtnes re to be understood as referring to his humanity. All forms of rationalism in ancient and modern times–deciet hupothesis, apparent death hypothesis, vision hypothesis, symbolism hypothesis–deny Christ’s Resurrection. Yet nothing is more central in the fiath as attested by Peter’s sermon on Pentecost and as defended ever since by the Church’s most solemn teaching authority.
    The body of the risen Christ was in a state of glory, as is evident from circumstances of the appearances recorded in the Gospels and Acts, and from Christ’s supremacy over the limitations of space and time. The risen Christ retained the wounds in his transfigured body as tokens of his triumph over death (John 20:27).
    Theologically the Resurrection, unlike the death of Christ, is not the meritorious cause of human redemption. It is the victorious completion of redemption. It belongs to the perfection of redemption and is therefore associated in the Scriptures with Christ’s death on the Cross as one complete whole. It is the model and, in the person of the risen Christ, the channel of grace for our spiritual redemption from sin and for our bodily resurrection on the Last Day.

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