If Buddhism was made "you have to follow" religion in the UK how would this change the way things are?

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by PeanutButterAndJelly:

Such as the credit crunch/ recession, racism, disability and unemployment?

Answer by Patio of Fun
Buddhism doesn’t want forced followers, it’s one of the things I most admire about it.

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things would be more laid back
but pc and Islam wouldn’t allow that, they’d say it was offensive


Aargh, the pain. We have ‘free will.” Do as you please. In the USA or the UK, no one follows anything by force. Ask Henry VIII.


One of the biggest truths in Buddhism is the fact that everyone must follow his own path. I believe that if anyone is FORCED to become a Buddhist, then the teachings is contrary to Buddhist principles.


there is no ” you HAVE to follow” in buddhism

alan h

No ‘compulsory belief works in practise

Delta Star

Erm, from what little I understand, saying “you have to follow” is against just about everything Buddhism stands for.
Besides, I can’t stand Budweiser, I’m more of a Stella man.


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