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If BUDDHA wasn't an incarnation of god, how was he able to meditate continuesly with out food for many days?

If buddha was a human, how was he able to meditate for many years with a small amount of food that he became almost like a skelton after he practiced for 6 years. And then be able to meditate again for 7weaks under bodhi tree. And how was he able to live healthily for 80+ years and teach his followers?
It is possible only for incarnation of god or for one who worship god! What say people?


  1. Actually, Buddha would be the first to say he wasn’t an incarnation of God. If you recall, Buddha after his enlightenment never spoke of transcendent metaphysical topics; God, afterlife, etc. His mission was to rid Dukkha. Anyway, Biologically speaking and physiologically speaking the human being can last weeks without food, and months with very little food. It’s only in our western countries where food is in abundance where we think it be impossible. Nothing hard to explain. Provided he was hydrated, then he’ll be good.

  2. Buddha probably used mind over matter. He had to have eaten at least once a week (and drank water at least every three days), but he was able to tolerate minimum rations because of his dedication to pushing pain from the mind. He probably had food and water fed to him while meditating.
    Later on, he did start eating like a normal human being because he realized that going from one extreme (being a prince) to another (being one who rarely ate, bathed, or slept) was not creating a balance in his life.

  3. he never claimed to be any more than a human being. and it’s very possible to not eat and meditate for long periods of time. he nearly starved.

  4. Buddha would never had said he was a god. He did realize that he was a direct expression of god as are all things seen and unseen. The entire universe and all universes are expressions of the divine.
    Once a Buddha fully realizes the he/she is a direct expression of god and lives in this state, then all things become possible.
    You too are a direct expression of god. You can do this too!
    That is the message of every Buddha.
    Take care.

  5. If he was a supreme being , he wouldn’t have lost weight in any condition and looked like a skeleton. If God is able to get hungry, eat, sleep, get old, look like a skeleton, only live for 80 years, die, well then he really cant be a powerful being, since relatively speaking, some animals can endure more.


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