If Buddha had been alive in the days of Jesus, would they have crucified him too?





Say Buddha had lived in the same place and time as Jesus, and had gone about preaching about love and compassion, would the Romans have crucified him, too?


  1. No. But Buddha may very well have followed Jesus.
    There are teachings that talk about finding the Way, the Truth & the Life. And how to have Nirvana that is really ones heart restored with the Heart of God.
    The first Buddha was a seeker.
    Anyway, that is what I think.
    He may have been made a martyr though, if he became a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, like many of the early Christians were.

  2. It’s hard to say, but I would say probably not because Buddha did not claim to be the Son of God as Jesus did and live a life that convicted religious people of their sin.

  3. No. The Romans crucified Jesus (if it’s even true) because he was called the Messiah. Too them the only ruler was Caeser. Bye bye Jebus.

  4. It’s now coming out that Jesus may have been a student of Buddhism. Those mysterious missing years of his life in the bible? It’s now being discovered in scrolls and tomes that were found in India suggest that Jesus traveled the silk road in those missing chapters of his life. He may have settled in a village (of which, I now forget the name of) where he took up teaching of Buddhism before heading back west where he began his pilgrimage.
    So, I would say yes! Buddha probably would have met the same fate as Jesus (that’s if a Holy war didn’t break out)!

  5. i don’t think so.
    like the poster above me said, i think jesus was a student of buddhism.
    the main difference between buddha and jesus was teaching style:
    jesus believed he needed to take the message to the people…he spoke publicly against the government and was executed for sedition.
    buddha didn’t go to the public, if you wanted to hear his teachings you had to seek him out.
    btw: to lottalou, buddha lived centuries before jesus.

  6. it would depend on many different factors(like if he taught his view beyond just the love and compassion) but it would have been a possiblity because he would have been teaching a world view that was counter to the roman view. the Buddha had threats against his life in the Hindu world in which he lived.
    i think,if any Buddhist(or any non christian religious) teacher was able to convert lots of Americans to Buddhism in present day U.S. they would be a target for destruction,either physical or by any illegal/legal means possible.

  7. Blessings i think so because he was a humble, a peacemaker and believe in unity for all he had the same spirit as Christ did and he was also smart and believe we should love one another and he had a contrite heart the Roman will have consider him a threat to converting they imper-er into his belief and this will be a down fall for Cesar as you know the Romans were wicked and would have came up with some kind of cruel method to kill him like they did Christ.Very interesting question.

  8. I think this is pretty speculative; obviously no one has the information to answer this question.
    To me as an agnostic, however, the “salvation” that Jesus offers is mostly through his teaching, and I think the same is true of the Buddha.
    I don’t personally believe that the “blood of Jesus” was essential to freeing humanity from sin & death; I think the “brain of Jesus” was much more important. And similarly with the Buddha.
    I’m not sure that the teaching of either man was that threatening to the Roman Empire, and it was for seeming to threaten the Roman empire and the Jewish religious elite that Jesus died.
    I suppose that because the Buddha probably would not have been confused with the Jewish Messiah — the great nationalistic military leader of prophecy — the Romans probably would have ignored him as a harmless miracle worker. They ignored members of various Mystery religions in other parts of their empire, so why not Prince Guatama — at least once he had renounced his throne and his power?
    The fact that the Jews of Jesus’s time were expecting a national savior, and the added fact that the Romans found the Jews hard enough to subdue in any case, may be why the Roman soldiers ended up performing the crucifixion.
    Jesus probably impressed them as a potential terrorist, the ancient Jewish equivalent of an Al Qaeda operative, not as a spiritually minded preacher whose kingdom was “not of this world.” And we all know what political authorities tend to do to suspected terrorists.

  9. For sure they would.
    A friend of mine gave me an old arabic quote which says, if all the seas were ink, their would not be enough ink to write about the true nature of god.
    However religions are generally not interested in the true nature of god.
    Instead they define what is infinite, making it not infinite anymore and then go on to defend their error.
    Often with violence
    So any enlightened master knows that to question the wisdom of the establishment will get them into trouble.
    As a result teachings generally include sayings like give to Cesar what is his.
    But the real bigots wont be satisfied with that and demand either renouncement of the Truth or death.
    Its a common theme!
    I think Jesus and Buddha would have been great friends, their teachings were so similar.
    I love reading about both, they lived as love incarnate.

  10. Interesting contemplation.
    However Siddhartha Gautama had a different ministry to bring unto the world. And, if historians are accurate, Buddha lived ~400 years before Christ Yeshua was born.
    Now then, Buddha lived in Northern India and thus did not have to contend with the Jewish leadership nor with the Roman Empire however to say that He led a life without peril would be an untruth. Often, He is referred to in Buddhism as Shakyamuni Buddha or “The Awakened One of the Shakya Clan.” During His travels over the last 45 years of His life after His “awakening” He was threatened often by opposition religious groups. There is also a well known event of a follower, Devadatta, who conspired and attempted to have the Buddha killed three times. As history notes, all three attempts failed.
    Suffice to say, who knows how Siddhartha Gautama, the Enlightened One, would have bode in ancient Palestine? He may have met a similar fate, He may not have. It was not His story to be held in that particular place. That was reserved for Christ Yeshua bin Yoseph.

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