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If Broly (DBZ) ,Hulk,Rhino,Juggernaut,Abomination,Rhino All faught….?

If Broly ,Hulk,Juggernaut,Rhino,Abomination all battled in New York City what do you think the damage would be like and who would be the last 2 then one standing at the end?Please give a detailed description of the damage please.Ok a few feats (Hulk) Held up a piece of a mountain that was 150 billion tons.(Juggernaut)Walked through Jean Greys psychic attack without even having ground underneath him proving that once he starts moving in one direction nothing can stop him,he went toe to toe with the Hulk.(Abomination) He’s alot stronger than the Hulk in a calm state he has been the toughest fight for the hulk since he hit the scean,Rhino can lift over 70 tons easily and has been a thorn in the Hulks side as well as Juggernauts,Broly took a planet destroying blast to the face and didn’t even flinch,he can blow up a galaxy in one blast,he continues to get stronger and more durable as long as he’s in his LSS form. Give your answers please.
I ment Abomination.


  1. now that would be a match too see! but i think the hulk and broly would have the advantages becuase they just keep getting stronger and brolys could just blow up the whole planet and send everybody into space i dont think rhino, juggernaut and abomination could battle in space im not sure about the hulk either but if broly does do that he would be able to battle each of them at the same time without much trouble and if he does have trouble he could just blow up the galaxy so i say broly wins

  2. Rhino wud be out firrst. HUlk wud get pissed off most likely and beat abomination SO iit wud come down to Hulk and Juggernaut i think juggernaut wud win cuz hes unstoppable.

  3. Hulk would win. As you see in the recent WWH and Planet Hulk story arcs, there is no limit to how strong the Hulk can get. Against the Rhino, Hulk would decimate him just due to shear strength the Hulk has and he would only get madder. The Hulk would tear apart the Abomination without a doubt. Juggernaut is only powered through mystical means and I doubt even then he is a match for the Hulk. Brolly would probably give the best fight. But the Hulk would get madder and madder with every blast. and if Brolly blew up the earth, with what little friends he had but still blew it up, well look what he did in Planet Hulk when they blew up his new home and killed everyone. The Hulk may not care for alot for people but I’m willing to bet he cares for innocent people more than people give him credit for.

  4. I am sorry to dissapoint everyone but Broly takes this fight, easily…
    The fight would go something like:
    Broly: “Kakaroooootttttt!!!!”
    He then turns Legendary Super Saiyan goes up in the air, shields himself and blows up the planet…. The end.
    I’m sorry but the other’s aren’t even worth mentioning since this wouldn’t be a very long fight, but sure Rhino would go out first being the weakest, The Juggernaut would probably just crash his head while The Hulk and Abomination fight eachother and become several times stronger, then when Juggernaut trys to interfear with their fight he’d get killed easily, then The Hulk would probably win cus hes “the good guy” and he always wins against Abomination. By this time The Hulk would be pretty pumped up and will try to go up against Broly… BIG mistake. Broly by now will probably already be in his SSJ state and would have all the trumendous power, more then The Hulk had/has/will ever have. Broly hold out his hand and firest a blast at The Hulk which tottaly desintegrates his from the face of the Earth as well as 2/3 of the planet.
    5. Rhino
    4. The Juggernaut
    3. Abomination
    2. The Hulk
    Winner: Broly

  5. If the Hulk can go up against the Sentry, as seen in World War Hulk, I’m confident that he can go up against Broli. The other three, though with noble effort, might not stand as much of a chance.

  6. Rhino is out like a light. He’s low-grade dirt in this match, he’s only still alive because Hulk doesn’t usually kill people.
    Abomination would be tougher, but his limits are far lower than the Hulk, and eventually he’s just going to be outmatched.
    Broly has a wider range of attacks than Hulk or Juggernaut, but I don’t think he’s any smarter than Juggernaut and not nearly as invulnerable. Hulk clearly has the advantage on brains; so ultimately Broly goes down.
    Between Hulk and Juggernaut, Hulk has no magic or psychic advantages that would allow him to get through Juggernaut’s triple invulnerability (force-field, physical and instant healing of any injuries). However, as strong as bucket head is, he doesn’t have the raw power to take down the Hulk in a one-shot, which means Hulk is just going to get more and more powerful. Ultimately Juggernaut and Hulk, barring outside interference, could just fight forever – unless Hulk gets a ring-out by throwing Juggernaut into space or something.

  7. you guys have no idea what youre saying broly has literally limitless power and its shown when he goes toe to toe with all the good group of dbz including goku sure goku wins but he is pretty much one of the strongest that goku has ever gone against and lasted long alive if you put any of those dudes against goku they have no chance and would be beaten more easily than broly the fact that some can live in space is out of the question who would bring that up seriously if the planet is destroyed all things living in it get destroyed in it you guys are saying that once the blast broly sent towards all of them destroying the planet wouldnt scratch them broly rapes them all in his first saiyan form if he gets to the legendary super saiyan level they pretty much are already used to getting rapped and end up enjoying it it would be like throwing a pin down a hallway you cant compare any of those dudes against broly

  8. … i dont think placing brolly here makes the fight interesting. he can destroy a planet with a single attack.
    he just blows it up – everyone on it will die (EVERYONE!!!). and even if say, the hulk survived, he cant last long in space and brolly can still wipe the floor with him (another planet destroying attack will do, duh).
    brute strength alone is not enough against the legendary super saiyan, no point in even discussing it.

  9. com on guys in movie planet hulk the hulk cant even open a metal door
    and broly can destroy a entire galaxy (a planet in a single blow even without trying) and hulk in a arena fight can be cut and there was a green blood coming from his back and when did you see brolys blood he can destroy a 2\3 of a planet by just transforming in lss db is too overpowered i think hulk cant even match goko vs vegeta first fight (begining od bdz before friza)


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