If bisexuality is wrong then how can you explain this?

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OK so it has been reported anthropologically across several cultures such as the Sambia of Papua New Guinea and other Melanesian tribes and the scientist Emily V. Driscoll has argued in the 2008 issue of the Scientific American that it occurs across several species and in an evolutionary sense actually is conducive to peacefulness and bonding amongst a species. If you think about it in the pragmatic sense ie. the here and now and practicle value bisexuality in this context is quite spiritual phenomenon if by spiritual you mean ‘gentleness, compassion, not hurting others’..I would very likely imagine if more people were bisexual we would have a far less violent society, less war, less in fighting because sexuality can be harnessed for goodness. In traditional heterosexuality women compete with other women for mates or men compete with other men for mates—violence, nastiness, ego, domination—not spiritual. In a bisexual society, everyone fancies everyone else–peace, cohesion, women are not nasty to other women as enemies or competitors as they love them too and see their beauty, men are not nasty to other men as competitors as they fancy them too..Everyone happy. In the practicle sense, the spiritual society should be a loving, peaceful, gentle society. Bisexuality promotes this. This is why for me personally I get on great with men and bi or lesbian women whereas I feel threatened and having to watch my back with straight women because they try to compete and hurt you. Where there is attraction, people are alot more lovely..because they are intrinsically motivated to be so..
Put the Bible aside for a minute and think logically about this
Also, the existence of homoexuality in a species or society can be seen as evolutionarily advantageous as it acts as a necessary population check…Demographically over population is lessened and hence so many evils which derive from that such as poverty, exploitation, abuse, prostitution etc as less children are produced. I am sure I do not need to mention the situation in China. In another sense, if women are bisexual it actually promotes procreation as it arouses men and in certain Mormon communities no doubt where a man has many wives and the Bible is totally FOR THAT bisexuality leads to group cohesion. Finally, in times when there was no access to proper contraceptions, attraction to the same sex would have been a natural release of proper libidinal energies so a woman was not getting pregnant every year to a point she could not afford or sustain and men were not impregnating every woman he spoke to…
In terms of practicle value for the human species, in this world, the here and now, and not in terms of ideal constructed utopias, what if’s, bisexuality is ‘good’ and ‘moral’..not bad and immoral..
Jealousies are supplanted by affections..
Paul READ THE REST PLEASE.OK, some cultures also say you should stone people to death if they do not believe in your God ie. Deuteronomy 13. Take a look at it. I bet you have no problem with that either because it said it in the Bible…so you daren’t challenge that. In the same OT, it says thou shalt not kill. Bit of a contradiction eh? A loving God would not ask you to kill people that are different…

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Lesbians, gays bisexuals and transgenderds are not wrong, christians are wrong!

Stuart R

Apart from religious bigots,who says bi-sexuality(or homosexuality)is wrong?


You are presenting the fact that some cultures do something, as evidence that what they do is not wrong?? Some cultures sacrificed their children to their “gods”. Does that make it right?


Bi-sexuality is sin, and strictly forbidden by God.

not theist

1. Bisexuality is not wrong
2. The bible is BS
3. Those who disagree desperately need an education!!!


Ok logically speaking, if everyone became gay there would be no children right? Second the bible says it`s an a abomination. That was simple, why make things so hard?


Sorry I can’t put the bible aside. I follow Gods rules & any cohabitation /relationship with the same sex is wrong.(co-habitation meaning love wise, not roommates) God made man& woman to be together & procreate, & being bi-sexual or homosexual is not allowed in Gods kingdom, maybe in this world, but not by God.

Joss Whedon is my God now.

You are very right. I love hanging out with bi’s/gay’s because they are much more open, comfortable with themselves, and peaceful. I’ve never been comfortable around straight women because they just seem to get insulted if you even mention sex. It’s strange. And they get jealous if you look at their man wrong which is just silly because I never find taken men attractive.
This world’s population is exploding and if people were more comfortable with their sexuality and stopped hating so much, then the homosexuals and bi’s would be able to come out comfortably and the natural order of things could be restored.

aware and happy

very interesting. and in a very basic way, i can see the sense in much of what you say. but i must question one thing. how likely is it that, people being people, same-sex relationships are less violent and competitive? women do not all have the same personalities, nor do men. i can see a lesser tendency among women to be violent, but that does still happen.
i know several gay couples. they’re all, at the moment, enjoying good relationships. one, however, had an extremely turbulent affair many years ago with a woman who was violent and verbally abusive. that went on for a couple of years before my friend was able to free herself.
maybe the positive conditions you describe would prevail if we come to a time when people no longer worry about what consenting adults do in their own beds.
to address another comment that was made, homosexuality would not wipe out the population. have you ever noticed that many gay people like to be parents? the desire to produce offspring is as powerful among them as among the rest of us and there is nothing stopping them from doing it.

Lea R

A persons sexuality can be a plastic thing.
I’ve been flattered when a beautiful looking woman has shown interest in me sexually only from an egotistical point of view.
When men who proclaim they “hate gay men”, I tell them that all the more women for you.
Eff them anyway. The folks(men specifically) who claim to hate gays, are the ones who have the biggest hardons while being shown gay porn.
I say as long as no one is being hurt, and children aren’t involved, it ‘s no ones business what others do with their genitals or who people have sex with.
Religions of all flavours frown upon same sex unions for the fact they don’t reproduce, making more of the same religious followers.
The golden rule seems to be the only good thing from christianity that I can see, and if more folks were to follow that basic rule, no matter if they are god believers or not, the Earth would be a much happier planet to live on.


According to Mormons being bisexual is not a problem, it is having sex with the same sex that is wrong.

Don H

Religion is like a mirror. It reflects back at us our own judgmental bigoted aversions.
We then pretend that it is Gods will, instead of our nonsense.
Love and blessings Don


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