If behavior, thought, and consciousness have to do with a 'soul' and are not just biological constructs?

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that have to do with the brain, why are pharmaceuticals efficient in helping and correcting mental disorders?
Are the pills not chemicals as the companies state and are instead little capsules filled with spiritual energy, and that is why they help to correct mental imbalances since mentality is spiritual?
(to help clarify)
are the pharmaceutical companies lying when they say the pills are made with chemicals, meaning, the pills really are spiritual things crammed into the capsules (like little angels and demons) to help the person taking the pill correct their soul?

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SOUL IS THE BODY WHICH WALKS…some think of it as our personality but all souls will die and get buried…
see medical

rest in heavenly peace (RIHP)

Yah. It’s impossible to get a patent on spiritual energy, hence the subterfuge.


Non of what you have posited makes any sense.

Fully Alive

They are never going to get it….but excellent question!


OR why do head injuries and brain damage turn otherwise normal people into mentally challenged folk?

Shaman Val

Actually its been pretty obvious we are a mixture of matter and energy for decades. We are not just water, mineral and air, but also electrical fire. 😉
Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks


No, I would say they are biological/chemical/electrical constructs arising from the complexity of our brains.
There is no “soul”. Except in terms of music…

Lux Lavo

Chemistry is a part of science, and we know how much Christians appreciate science.

Ainsly @ work

The mind is the cause of all.
If a pill works, it’s because your mind is willing to accept the treatment. Your mind tells the brain to respond. The brain is just a transformer. It turns thought into physiological response. So if a pill helps change your thoughts, it’s really the mind that is doing the changing.


The mind has a data processor called the brain. Unsurprisingly the output of that dataprocessor has an affect on the mind.
But in spite of the bombast you here from such as Daniel Dennett, the fact is that there simply is no satisfactory explanation of consciousness in terms of physical processes. What is more, it seems highly unlikely that there will ever be one, because no matter how closely you observe a physical process, you will still only be observing a physical process, and not the conscious state which may or may not accompany it.
To stand any chance at all of incorporating the mind into a scientific account of reality, there would have to be a major overhaul of science’s methods and presuppositions. Given the current paradigm’s success in other areas of investigation, I somehow don’t see that happening any time soon.


I’ve heard it explained that the brain can be compared to a TV and a soul can be compared to a signal for that specific TV. Now damage can happen to the TV, and limits can be put on the TV, but the signal is still there, unaffected.
So I personally have struggled with depression and anxiety for most of my life (wow I am sharing this on the internet, kind of freaky I kept it hidden for soooo long) (sorry for that aside)
And I have heard it said that antidepressants function sort of like a chemical fence that is supposed to prevent the brain chemistry from getting too extreme and amplifying the depression. Personally I haven’t seen any affect on myself (placebo affect most likely). But only recently, when I have effectively been dealing with my mental (and spiritual problems) have I felt the least depressed in a long long long time.
So in short, the pills put a limit on the brain that tries to prevent it, or tries to fix the brain, same with brain surgery and all that stuff. And they can have an effect. But it is only on the “TV” not the “signal”
You see a result, but you haven’t affected the signal, you haven’t affected the soul.
This confirms my belief that chemical pills won’t solve any of your problems. They can just help a tiny bit while you get back on your feet.

mia delight

I love it Little soul pills LOL.
Thoughts are electrical impulses the entire body is subject to these impulses. We are immersed in a soup of electrical impulses and micro waves. Thus the connection from person to person, for lack of a better word soul. It is the force that is what we call god.
Pharmaceuticals can enhance or suppress these impulses. When a psychic, for example drinks alcohol it suppresses the ability, because of the chemical reaction.

Thomas H

The soul is in the heart.


You have confused the concept “spiritual” with the concept of soul. While both are ethereal they are not the same thing. A mans spirit is different from our soul. This IS a great question BTW and i appreciate the attitude in which it was asked.
Now as to the effects of drugs on our PERCEPTIONS and the biological working of the brain you are making some broad assumptions about whats going On there. Most of the drugs tend to cause hormonal and other brain chemical changes that can cover or stop malfunctioning brain chemistry. but does that actually change the soul? not really. its like throwing a blanket over a sleeping person but that person still remains. the science of the brain and soul relationship and of brain chemistry is becoming extremely advanced. there are some great articles out there of you look for them.
I would encourage you to get the Book BY Lee Strobel called” the case for the Creator and the Case for Faith. I can’t remember for sure but in one of them is a very clear section on the subject of the brain and Soul connection. Some very educated and expert men in this field have concluded that the soul is not the BRAIN it self but has a substantial distinction from it. Hope you read it … it answers your question better than anyone of those i see here probably could.


These are temporary fixes. Some problems with people’s behavior are never solved with medicine. Have you ever heard of drug addicts being freed by a relationship with God. Have you ever heard of people who suffered many disorders and were set free by a relationship with Christ. Anybody can take medicines to make them feel better temporarily.

Joey Συνθλίψτε το κράτος

You are asking a GREAT question man. I thought about this a while back when I was looking into Psychiatry and I asked myself one question: What did the ancients know about the human brain? Nothing! They did not know that the 10 pounds of tissue inside their skull controlled their every thought and action! Most of them, if ANY of them, had not even laid eyes on a brain!However, what they DID know was that they did have thoughts and emotions and experiences that they some times could not explain. So they devised the soul, or the spirit, and used this to explain the brain.
If you look into most religious experiences, there is a mental disorder, or process which explains all of them. Prayer, Meditation, ‘presence of God’, seeing angels, all of them can be explained through simple processes or malfunctions of the brain. Keep looking into Psychiatric disorders and medicines, also Psychological methods of treating patients, and Psychology itself. Knowing the mind is a very powerful know-how.
Peace =)

Atheist Mantis

“You” are your brain…
“You”, your personality, what you know, EVERYTHING is a Biological Process that is innately tied to the functioning of your Brain.
Damage your brain and you can make “You” a TOTALLY different person…
Get a brain tumor, you can go from donating time at the homeless shelter and adopting special-needs children and be turned in to a serial killer.
Brain = You
ANYONE that denies this fact is either mentally ill or just stupid…


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