If aura can heal, then can it cause pain too?

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to me and other people/animals?
i’m just wondering
srry 4 so many aura questions

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Alexa W

if you have enough control and belief over it, the short answer is yes.
the aura is made up of energy/lifesource/ki/chi/whatever you wish to call it.
witches make use of this by sending their energy to someone or something to cast a spell. you can use it in pretty much any way you want to.


it can if you don’t read the instructions

Jack Mania

Can light cause darkness?
Only by lacking.
You can cause pain by refusing to heal, but you can’t use it in it’s raw form to hurt, remember it’s your life’s energy.
You can use it to hurt but it won’t purely be aura, it’ll be a mix of baddies and spellforms.

light of water

auras are not the power but the showing of the power itself a aura will show when somebody channels the true power.


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i read some things about this but heres seems to be a lot of answers.
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