If astrology is real does it cancel out the possibility of other religions?






I know astrology isn’t a religion. not saying it is.
I’m not saying I believe in it either.
I’m just curious.


  1. No, it means the deities intentionally made us born in a certain month which happens to be governed by a series of stars.

  2. I don’t believe in it, you don’t believe in it, few people do and their intellects are suspicious. So why do you want to know about cancelling out other religions?

  3. No. You’ll see references to astrology in the bible and also in the Hindu religion, among quite a few others. Specific to Christianity (I’m not assuming you’re Christian; just throwing that one out there as it’s the dominant religion numbers-wise in many western countries), I believe astronomers told King Herod of the coming of a messiah, and that’s why he had the male children age two and under killed. And of course, the Three Wise Dudes used astronomy and astrology (the position of the star and the belief in what it meant…well, in reverse order of that) to find Jesus at the stable.
    (BTW, I’m neither Christian nor do I believe in astrology. I’ve just studied a bit on religions.)
    ^^Lily: You’re thinking of astronomy, unless you were just trying to be funny/silly. 😛

  4. No.
    Astrology plays a part in the Gospel of Matthew. The Magi in the story were looking for a new born king because they read it in the stars, and discovered a new star that they believed appeared because a new star represents a new king.
    So astrology is used, or has been used, by religions as part of their ways of prophesying or finding out the will of a deity.

  5. Astrology is like a life in the family.
    When a child is born, many seems to say how the baby will grow up to be because of the stature and lifestyle of the family.
    The first born boy have always been predicted to be the heir to the father’s legacy except when the baby is born with extreme defective body or mental faculty then the prediction over the boy will be different.
    In many instances, the positions of the stars and the planetary alignment at the time a child is born, a kind of life can be determined as to how a child will grow under those influences.
    This does not mean however, that what is written in the sky is applicable to all because those are just based on what was ordinarily observed on a day to day experiences like what normally happen around when the suns rises in the morning and sets in the evening.
    An individual is still the master of his own destiny, religion has books to guide one with his way of life and not to rule his mind the same way that astrology should be used as a guide that may help one to find his way to his own destiny. Both must be applied with an open mind and heart. that is why we are all told to gain “wisdom”.

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