Home Discussion Forum If astrology is not real, why am I the PERFECT aquarious?

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If astrology is not real, why am I the PERFECT aquarious?

What further proof do these ppl need? the evidence is clear, talk about moving the goalposts!!!


  1. The “evidence” you refer to is far from clear; rather, it is as nebulous as it gets. One thing that astrology believers all have in common is the DESIRE to believe it, thereby looking past its inconsistencies. You clearly possess that trait in abundance.

  2. LOL
    I’m the perfect Capricorn but I was born on a cusp so I have some Sagg traits and well that leaves me with an “extremist” personallity.
    But in psychology class we looked at a video where all the participants were given horoscopes. 11 our of 14 thought it matched them to to “T”.
    Turns out they were all given the same horoscopes.
    I’m not saying I don’t believe in Astrology – I’m just saying I could see why people don’t believe in it.
    I think that the deeper astrological readings are true, like the planets etc. Not just the ones in magazines etc, so it takes further research and someone who knows what they’re talking about.


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