If astrology is legitimate, why didn't astrologers discover the outer planets before astronomers did?

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If the outer planets really do have influence on people’s lives, surely astrologers would have been able to detect that effects were being felt that were unexplainable by the actions of the inner planets, and therefore concluded that there must be more planets yet to be discovered.
Or maybe it’s all just a big steaming load and they’re making it up. What do you think?

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Many years ago astrology and astronomy were one and the same science.


Never thought of it that way. Good point.
I think astrology is a bunch of nonsense. However, since I am a Sagittarius I am skeptical by nature.


i don’t think they were concerned with planets..since they cannot be seen with the naked eye…only stars..and constellations.


Outer planets have only a generational effect on an individual chart since they move so slowly. Many people are born under each placement of an outer planet, a whole generation of kids.
The inner planets have the greatest effect on an individual horoscope; think Venus, Mars, Mercury, Moon, Sun.
Astrologers knew about the outer planets for a long time in the past, with the exception of Pluto, which turned out to be actually a planetoid, not a real planet. Prior to its discovery, Scorpio was not considered to be ruled by it.
Astrology dates back before the birth of Jesus, and the rulership of the planets in signs was basic to it. What evidence do you have that astrologers were unaware of the outer planets?


Astrology has always concerned itself with *visible* planets. In ancient times, there was no difference between astrology and astronomy: they were one and the same discipline. But by the time Uranus was discovered, astrology was deep underground due to the influence of the Church.
There is an idea that planets are discovered when humanity is ready to learn the lessons associated with them; I think that’s partially true. And as the other poster says, the Outer planets are more generational influences because they move so slowly.
But personally I think certain things got attributed to certain planets because the newer ones hadn’t come along yet. When the new planets were discovered, some of them took over certain things and the symbolism changed to reflect that.
Also not everything stays the same. Take astrology itself for example. In ancient times, astrology would have been considered to belong to Mercury (knowledge) or Jupiter (wisdom). Nowadays, many modern astrologers associate it with Uranus (eccentricity, among other things), because in our time, it has been relegated to the fringes of society.


according to the indian astrology (jyotish as it is called in hindi), there are many many planets and whatever ‘Science’ calls them today. The fact that inidian astrologers found the influence of 9 planets(including moon which was referred as a planet), goes to show their knowledge. It has also been written that there are many more planets having life in the universe.
Considering universe to be endless, this is not very hard to believe.
I cannot explain it all here, youll have to ask specific question at http://www.gojyotish.com , this would go directly to my inbox and i will not have to return here to check if you have any further.
I hope you understand.
Willing to hep you undertand!

Rajesh Mohandas

Dear Friend…
Astrology and Astronomy are two different branches and are not closely related.
Astrology deals with 9 Planets and 12 Houses of a horoscope. The combination of these produce various results and all predictictions that we do are only 10% of the actual.
This is because we are looking only at your horoscope while predicting but if you can get us data for all 12 charecterstics and so on… we can speak more in detail.
For Eg: The fourth house of your horoscope deals with your mother. But because we dont have the complete horoscope of your mother the prediction will be limited to the current influence of the planet in house #4.
Now answering your question on why did not astrologers discover outer planets …
This is wrong.. if you study the books of astrology, you will find various discriptions of Lokas, Planets, Galaxies, Gods and Demigods, There are 7 Lokas below the earth (Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Patala, Talatala, Rasatala, Mahatala) and then comes the hell … (Naraka) and in the hell there are 27 different types of continents with different regimes and so on. We further go down to the Nagaloka, Kinnaraloka, Yakshaloka, Nidra Loka … so are 7 lokas above the earth … to name a couple are the Pitru Loka that is the place where ansistors dwell, Indra Loka, Swarga Loka, Gandharva Loka, Kailasa, Vaikhunta, Sapta Rishi Mandala and so on…
for people on earth, the Maya (Illusion ) so created by the god the results of the Grahachara or the planets based on the karma of an indivudual is ristricted to the 9 Planets only and these are (Sun, Moon, Mangal, Budh, Guru, Shukra and Shani. Rahu and Ketu are the chaya graha) we dont consider Neptune, Uranas and Pluto while predicting.
If you need to know more and wish to understand in depth call me sometime and we can discuss. You can reach me at 98459 44896 or rajesh.mohandas@gmail.com

Jupiter 72

Jupiter=Religion & Law
Saturn= The Esablishment

Rajaram S.K.

Dear friends,
I agree with Sri Rajesh. Different lokhas were found by our ancient Rishis, without even travelling to such worlds. All were known to them by meditational powers possessed by them or they were able to transport them to such worlds through their divine souls. Modern space scientists/astronauts cannot reach such worlds in their physical bodies, unfit for such long distance travels. But, you can travel only through your soul, when we all depart from this world once for all. Kindly await such time. Please meditate until the right time arrives.
Please join me and many other literates/experts from all over the globe on our auspicious SPIRITUAL JOURNEY.
Thanking you
Yours sincerely
Rajaram S.K.


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