• Because it is such vague mush that it could be right for anyone at any time.

    Astrology is not only completely wrong most of the time, it is also preposterous, irrational and nothing more than primitive superstition.

    The doctor who delivered you had more gravitational pull than some constellation of stars.

  • Imagine you have a deck of cards without jokers. Each card is either red or black.

    What’s the chance of guessing the order of red and black cards in exactly the order they’re in with a shuffled deck? It’s 2^52 power, or 1 in 4,503,499,627,370,496. That’s worse than the odds of winning the powerball. It’s pretty much astronomically impossible.

    What’s the chance of guessing the order exactly wrong? i.e., guessing red when the card is black or vice versa? It’s actually just as improbable because you’re just as likely to guess correctly as you are to guess incorrectly for each card. Most likely, what you’ll end up with is getting approximately 50% of the guesses correct.

    This holds true for other things. Any method, regardless of its basis, is always bound to have some correct answers. And some of its answers will be false. That’s why we scientifically and statistically study the accuracy and consistency of proposed methods instead of relying on personal anecdotes. As the old saying goes, a broken clock is right twice a day.

    I wouldn’t call astrology boring, personally–among all of the paranormal things I’ve looked into, I thought it was one of more interesting subjects. However, if you want to say it’s correct, test it. Take 10 people who believe in astrology, assign them numbers to protect their identity, and have them submit their birth information. Choose one at random and have a professional astrologer perform a reading without giving any clues such as repeating birth information or revealing planet locations or relationships…just a summary of the personality. Then, give that personality to all participants and have them score it from 1-10 based on how well they think it reflects them. Presumably, the one who secretly was read should score the reading 6-10, while no more than one other person in the group scores it outside of the 1-5 range. Do this with thousands of astrologers and thousands of believers to ensure an adequate sample size. If it works, then you can make the claim that the astrology claims aren’t too vague to be useful, as well as showing that there’s something to it.

    But without rigorous testing, most people, especially skeptics, aren’t going to treat as anything but an old myth.

  • On average, one in six guesses for the value of a die roll are correct.

    Say enough random, vague shit and something is bound to be right.

    Case in point, I once read all twelve astrological “readings” and found that 11 out of 12 of them I could identify with strongly and the one I couldn’t find a single thing to identify with was the one that was supposed to be my own star sign.

    To this day, I rarely fail to match all twelve of them to my own life in some way.

  • When people ask me if I believe in astrology. That there are magnetic/spiritual forces at work that can determine ones nature and personality? I say yes. But do I put my faith in it? Something that changes from day to day, and hour to hour. No. I don’t put my faith in it.

  • Astrology is primarily adored by women and scorned by men.

    Yes it is a myth and the reason it seems right is because human beings are predictable. In psychology class we have several experiments that showed that the entire class thought the same when certain stimuli happened. And so if science can predict things about us accurately under controlled conditions then astrology which is just plain junk can certainly do it to.

    There is also the thing where people who read astrology will also “Hope” the things are true. And possibly spend their day waiting and making it happen. Hence reinforcing the belief.

  • ♥ŠΛҒİ♥ ☼Ầтĥěαтi☼ says:

    Oh please. Astrological “predictions” are so vague and broad that they can be applied to absolutely anything. That doesn’t make it true.

    ALSO, how can it be true when the constellations aren’t even the same shape they were hundreds of years ago when astrology started? The universe is in motion, you know.


  • Human emotion is easy to fool:

    Just say are a hard working individual even though sometimes you feel lazy <-- bam astrology! I bet I am right

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