If astral projection was proven to be real, would it also prove the existence of?





the soul?
Scientifically speaking.
Do you think that scientists would lean towards it being proof of the body having a soul or would they go in a totally different direction with the explanation?
And personally, what would it say to you?
Thanks for the great answers so far. Since I am not a scientist, I was interested to know how scientists would approach such a discovery.


  1. Astral projection has a well documented history within the NDE or near death experiences of many thousands.
    I think the difference is the NDE and Astral Projection is one act or incident is by choice and the other is not.
    Astral projection being a voluntary self willed projection of consciousness and the NDE being by “accident” as the body apparently is no longer able to “hold” consciousness due to injury in truamatic or non-truamatic situations.
    During sleep ones consciousness often leaves the body into other non-physical realms during “dreams”. This is normal and is further validation consciousness survives outside of the body.
    “Dreams”, a common western phrase used to explain how one was “awake” while the body was Not. Yet most cannot explain what dreaming is, they just say “it is so” without true self examination as this is a cultural trait fully accepted.
    If the body is now awake when one is thinking in a dream, then whom is doing the thinking? Why, you are!
    The simplist of explainations (Occum) is the probable truth of it all, we are not confind to a body to experience ourselves or others.
    Dreams are often foggy recollections and even NDE’s are also. Many recall some of them but not all the details.
    During many-many NDE’s studies I have noted this foggy state as many whom experienced them attested they “knew everything” about the Universe while having the NDE then “Forgot” almost all of it when returning to their body.
    How can one forget everything then remember enough to claim they knew it all? A paradox as one negates the other.
    As best explained; if one goes on a trip for the first time seeing all the sights and recognizing them as “common knowledge” and they “always knew that”, they explain upon returning home ” I saw everything I always knew to be true, yet I forgot the details” of all I saw and can give you no discription”.
    The Vail.
    It is often explained in many religions and non-religious circles that there exist a vail of spritual truths being covered. The vail is the forgetting by consciousness many spritual truths that are not privy to this dense physical realm we call Earth.
    The physical experience we call Life is out focul point. We as humans often see nothing beyond it as we conditioned ourselves to see what we wish to see and hear what we expect to. We shut out all that the physical senses, in our views, should not pick up on. This was an natural adjustment to an overdevelped ego.
    We often call those whom have higher spritual-perceptions Crazy as they appear to commune with nature is a bonding manner, a spritual Hippie if you will. I sense these few are close to the true nature of God and experience Truths while many remain in a dense, by spritual standards, a dark place reeking of stench. This place of stench, in the spritual sense, is Earth with all its glory’s.
    It is written that God is Love and all things. Then by deduction the closer ones comes to this God concept the more one “knows” and senses Love. The more distant one is from this God concept, the more pain-suffering and ignorance occures. Mr. Spock would deem this Logical.
    In the sense of All Things Some spritual beings at one point would wish to experience the physical realms of unforgiving dense matter, the type of matter that obliderates higher truths of God by natural and true spritual laws. That Law being “God”, the concept that within dense realms of matter God is there, yet, the sense of the physical body are not tuned in to those higher spritual vibrations, thus, the dense realm is dense for this reason.
    This was forseen as a probability, this too is written. As dense realms produce a natural spritual ignorance it was known that mankind could certainly be “lost” to their own spritual geneology and nature, hence, we have truths such as the Christ and Mohammad entering the dense realms to teach said truths of “God”. Religions of course got it wrong and preached the wrong message of judgments and condemnation as they took a Literal view of a spritual non-physical truth turing it into a worhsipping scenario complete with Messiahs and Golden cows.

  2. i wouldn’t go that far. i believe we are all part of a super-consciousness, and a lot of stuff like that could just as easily be explained as looking from a different perspective. like moving the camera position in a video game.

  3. I think that scientists would be forced by the government to cover any evidence up of astral projection being a real phenomenom. If they did release information of such a discovery to the public, they wouldn’t use it as conclusive evidence for one having a soul, but would claim it’s an undiscovered human sense.

  4. I”m not sure what the difference is between a soul and a spirit. ..but I think we all have one or the other of them….and animals do too. At least I believe they do…and hope they do . They should all be in Heaven.

  5. Skeptics will tell you that “astral projection” (also known as an out-of-body experience) is purely hallucinatory. Granted, OBE’s can be chemically and electrically induced in a laboratory. However, this does not mean that a supernatural component can be ruled out. In many OBE’s, people travel far from their bodies, and can see real things and hear real sounds that could not have possibly been hallucinations. There are plenty of documented cases like this, even though it has never been concretely demonstrated in a lab. Bear in mind that, during an OBE, you’re still alive, and there is clearly a physical (biochemical/neurological) component to it. You’re not dead, and your soul is still tied to your body.
    EDIT – Proving the existence of the soul does not need to be done directly. You obviously can’t put the soul under a microscope, or weigh it. In general, if it can be proven that people (or conscious animals in general) can perceive something specific without any natural/physical cause, it would be logical to conclude that there must be a non-physical aspect of our existence that IS capable of making these perceptions. For example, if I’m having an OBE, and I see a lady wearing a pink shirt, a blue skirt, and a leather jacked 3 floors up, that would be evidence that I saw her with non-physical senses. Oh, by the way, there are cases like this, including one where a lady was able to see a red shoe on the roof of the hospital that was later retrieved by maintenance.

  6. It would definitely prove that we have a non physical body layer along with our physical bodies. It would also prove that consciouness exists independently from the body. I think science would have a hard time still with the concept of the soul as it implies a sentient creator. However, the “soul” technically is the “body of light” the ancient and occult texts speak of so often, and that is what astrally projects. With some of the work that’s being done with photons and DNA, I don’t think science is that far off from this actually.

  7. I already believe in a soul, so I am strictly talking about proving things scientifically, here.
    I don’t think it would. There could be other explanations that would allow someone to gather the information from a distance.
    For example, such a journey could be orcestrated by what I refer to as the Grand Omni-present Deity, G.O.D. for short. (Oh darn-it, Guarenteed Overnight Delivery already copyrighted that name.)
    We could have the ability to sense light from pairs subatomic particles or some crazy quantum-physics sounding idea which I wouldn’t even understand.
    Perhaps our physical bodies are capable of traveling on the 5th dimension, (this is what Dr. Who uses to travel) which would not require the 3 dimensional part of our body, that we can typically think is us, to move.
    Honestly, when I think about it, proving astral projection would open up more questions in science than it would provide answers.

  8. No, not a soul per se. It would seem to demonstrate the existence of the ability of the human consciousness to perceive images though means other than the optic nerve, and at a distance. Since there could possibly be many explanations offered for this ability, only one of them being the “soul”, it would not be strong evidence arguing for just the soul explanation. Therefore, scientists, if they are being systematic and scientific, would not jump to conclusions such as this. The existence of the soul would have to await the proposal of falsifiable hypotheses before it could be scientifically tested, and it’s really a stretch to think that would be possible, IMO.

  9. I think yes personally, but scientifically speaking, I think no. It might lead to something else proving there is a soul, but directly there would still be too many more questions, and therefore no positive conclusion.
    Also, in order to prove something, I think it would have to be defined first.
    To me, it would prove there is a soul, but that’s such an intense personal belief (having nothing to do with any religion), that although I think it’d be pretty cool to see it proven, it really wouldn’t matter much to me.

  10. If astral projection is someday demonstrated, I wouldn’t go as far to say ‘now we’ve proved there’s a soul’ but it could be a possibility. For example, say someone got an Ouija board to correctly name a sequence of random die rolls in the next room. Is that evidence for ghosts? Or spirits? Or ESP? Or telepathy? You still need to narrow it down further, but the results would definitely mean there’s something going on – and if we cant see it happening, we can figure out how it’s happening.

  11. I am a skeptic, but if they could prove that astral projection was real and not imagined, then I would be inclined to go with your theory.
    BTW this was a good question.

  12. I think it’s been “proved” that it’s real by Governments. (Not so sure about the scientific community though.) Russia used it as a spy technique on us (and we probably did them as well, but IDK)
    Would it prove the existence of the soul? Good question. It might be along the same category as “do dreams prove an existence of another reality?” So it probably depends on who you’d be asking.

  13. Yes it would, as astral projection is defined as the training of one’s soul to leave the physical body.
    So, the question is quite self-explanatory.
    If you prove santa real, it means he’s real.

  14. Scientists, like any other humans, first choose their truth and then find evidence to prove their truth.
    You can not convince anyone of a “truth” contrary to their “truth”.
    By the way, “science” requires the use of the scientific method. Unfortunately, researchers don’t use the scientific method, just data mining, therefor there is no such thing as science.

  15. No, it would only be evidence of astral projection. There would be no reason to think a soul was involved.

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