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if astral projection is fake then why can you see your physical body in real time as your coming out of body?


  1. Is that astral projection?
    I always called that astral travel.
    Who says it’s fake?
    I thought astral projection is when someone sends their image into another person’s dreams and such.
    Bless up.

  2. Astral projection is not fake.
    Yes, I have also seen my body as I have projected out of it.
    The problem is that many people just don’t understand and haven’t had that kind of experience. Once you do you know for sure but until then it seems like fantasy.
    To answer the preceding question: Astral projection is when we consciously project/leave our physical body and enter into the 5th dimension..the Astral.
    Astral travel is when we consciously explore and travel around in the Astral. We can get there either by consciously projecting there or by waking up in a dream..that is to realize you are dreaming and that you are in the Astral because that is where dreams take place.
    Feel free to email me if you have any other questions.

  3. Stop believing that, is a dream, the whole xperience is ur mind !! A lucid dream, the humn being is no souls !L when u diel u die, just dust, all this theories is the mode of some persons of believing that the human existence cannot be just material, the unique power of the human being is the mind, the mind can do anything !!


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