If Anyone out there Believes in Magick?

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Ok if you believe in the Arts of Magick and Necromancy then i would like to converse with you a bit i wish to learn.
OK is anyone believes In Magick and necromancy email me cause i wish to learn. By Magick i mean the ancient arts that WERE practiced long ago.

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Rainbow G

i believe that there must be other ways of living and different people in the world.. as for magick some methods and things that people do are obserd but the basic stuff i think is real. i also belive in carma what goes around comes around


im not being rude but what do you mean by “magick”? do you mean like magic like on harry potter or magick like telekinesis,pyrokinesis,etc??

ॐ obscured ॐ

The best place to learn about real magick is in INdia !i


Sure I believe in them, but I wouldn’t practice them or teach them, especially necromancy. Dark, dangerous stuff there. If you actually knew what you were asking for with necromancy, you might not be so eager to learn.


Feel free to e-mail me.


I practice magick. No necromancy. If you want to converse, feel free to email me.


1. Necromancy: No one I have ever met messes with that stuff. And you shouldn’t.
2. Magick is a natural force. But, you should learn to respect these forces and to work with them, and to work with the universe for its’ betterment.
3. You normally have to have a long period of study before you even attempt magick.
Best wishes.

iGGy Dahhhhling!!

I am a self-voluntarily appointed follower of the Wiccan religion and the Christian religion.
Magic is a driven force of nature, which one can learn to manipulate. The energy must all be positive. The calling of the corners and the spells can be very difficult and take time, but that doesn’t mean flicking your finger and VOILA, a purple squirrel appears!
However, whatever you choose to send out, whether it be a love spell, health spell or a curse will come back at you threefold. This means that it will hit you 3 times harder than you sent it.
Email me at Eclipse_me_babe@hotmail.com or Giggle_pie_waits@yahoo.com.au for more info.


I practice magic and the old ways. my husband practices necromancy email me and i will put you onto him if you would like to.
we are more then willing to steer you in the right direction if you are truly interested


Need help. Do u know any vampires. I can’t say anymore.

Tahuti Reincarnate

Magick is the art of creating changes in consciousness at will. (Dion Fortune) I follow this definition stringently, so I guess it’s not quite what many people consider Magick.


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