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If Anton Lavey never done anything wrong "illegal wise", why do people consider him more evil than hitler?

(some do) just curious


  1. Only fools do. I am not a follower of his, and I think his choice of name for his religion is foolish (those who don’t believe in Satan shouldn’t call themselves Satanists), but he certainly doesn’t belong in the same category as a mass-murderer and megalomaniac like Hitler.

  2. Because he worships the devil. Some people (mostly Christians) feel that that is a worse sin than mass murder and genocide.
    I am serious.

  3. I’m guessing he was probably more responsible for the “more evil than Hitler” tag than anyone else.
    Self promotion.

  4. Because making a joke about someone’s beliefs doesn’t sit well with most people. IOW, because they can’t take a joke. (But they sure belittle the beliefs of anyone who doesn’t agree with them.)

  5. I guess it’s just because he founded the Church of Satan. Somehow that makes him evil.
    He was a fascinating man with a lot of great ideas, though. That makes him cool in my book.
    EDIT: And he did NOT worship Satan. Satan is just a symbol for man’s inherently carnal nature in the Church of Satan’s doctrine.

  6. answer: Because he not only “denied” G-d and Jesus and religion – he laughed at them and urged people to reject blind faith and false humbleness.
    He was very upfront about a lot of things, including that he was a con man. If you hit a Satanist, you’ll get hit back.
    I like that.
    # # #
    Others should do some research before answering. Anton didn’t believe in any deity, even Satan.
    He used Satan as an archetype for rebellion, enlightenment and for shock value.
    See how well it worked?

  7. He chose to call his new religion “The Church of Satan” in order to inspire controversy and get attention and worshippers. No one bothered to find out that is actually has nothing to do with Satan. (Real Satanists hate the Church of Satan and Anton LaVey).
    And Catholics love their pope, who was in the Hitler Youth. Who cares what people think, chances are that they are wrong

  8. most people do because of the church he was involved in (started). his religious beliefs didnt really conform to society’s so alot of mainstream people feared him and thought of him as evil simply because he thought differently than they did.

  9. I Like some of the Things Lavey said.He thought Satan was the scapegoat of religions by blaming him instead of self.He worshiped satan as a lifestyle not as God.He was considered more Evil than Hitler because of that.He wanted it as a legitimate Religion and Christians worried about this.They feared the things he said.
    I respect Lavay and it was his words that opened my mind on Religions.I am Gnostic and mix faiths including Lavays beliefs.

  10. Because he proclaimed himself as The first Satanic Pope and established the Church of Satan.
    They view Satan as an actual entity, rather than an idea of man loving himself and gratifying his sexual urges.

  11. Which people? I’ve never heard anyone suggest that, most people I’ve known just put him in the same category as L. Ron Hubbard, a guy who founded a Church as a way to make money.


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