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If an atheist considers our consciousness conceptual why would they believe there is no consciousness after?

physical death?
logic doesn’t not need time, space, nor matter for logic to be…its a concept as well…how would you differentiate the two concepts…


  1. your premise is wrong to start with so the question is moot. Kind of like Christianity, there was no fall of man in a garden so needing Jesus is moot.

  2. Err. Nice bait n switch. You’ll notice that the vast majority of atheists said that conciousness wasn’t conceptual in your last question.

  3. Existence beyond the feelings of being within a physical body would be impossible for us to comprehend. Even if some form of afterlife exists it would be beyond anything that you are now, I doubt that who you are and what you do now would make any difference.
    Something can be a concept but that doesn’t make it a reality.

  4. What do you mean, “conceptual”.
    Sentience is an emergent property, and requires the existence of a material system to manifest.
    Logic is an abstract. It’s not a “concept”. Concepts are what *we* have about the abstracts of logic.

  5. Next time you sleep without dreaming, write down what you see. I bet it will very dark, quiet and you will not be able to write anything. You won’t be aware. That is what death is like.

  6. I don’t consider consciousness to be abstract. It is not. Consciousness is the direct result of the nervous system and the various sensory structures the system is attached to. There is no consciousness after life for the simple fact that the nervous system no longer operates. It really is that simple.

  7. you weren’t paying attention. it’s NOT just conceptual.
    oh, and atheists don’t believe in gods. life after death is a different topic.

  8. Your consciousness is a product of a healthy functioning brain. When your brain ceases to function so goes your consciousness. This is distinct from, for example, the value of pi. It remains constant after your dead as it was before you’re born. Beyond this I’m not sure I understand your question.

  9. The term “consciousness” might be conceptual, but the conscious is generated by a very material brain. The term is how we refer to that because saying “the results of the neurons firing in my brain interacting with my environment” is a bit wordy. Logic is also a concept generated by the brain. So is God.


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