Home Discussion Forum if all your MEMORIES make up a BOUQUET of FLOWERS.......?

if all your MEMORIES make up a BOUQUET of FLOWERS…….?

Red Roses- for Warm Romantic memories
Blue roses for what-could-have-beens
Sunflowers for friendly “bright” memories
Daisies for simple quiet moments with family
Forget-me-nots for unforgettable moments
Orchids for persistent sad memories of Loss
Easter lilies for memories of spiritual awakening
etc etc etc
what does your bouquet consist of?
does it smell sweet?


  1. Mine would be a combination of blue roses, sunflowers, orchids and easter lilies. The only difference would be that easter lilies are growing gradually and consequentially the number of orchids is increased.

  2. Mine would be lacking in red roses (unlucky in love), few blue roses (not many regrets), abundant with sunflowers, daisies, forget-me-nots, several orchids and my Easter lilies would be starting to wilt. There would also be lots of sweet smelling flowers for all the hope there still is in my heart of things yet to come. What a beautiful questions!

  3. Mine would be:
    no red roses
    a few blue roses
    many sunflowers and daisies and forget me nots.
    The tallest and most dominent would be the orchids and Easter lilies in my personal bouquet.
    Yes it would smell sweet and look lovely. Such is life. Every flower individually contributes and when it’s all put together, it’s a unique, specifically designed masterpeice and all the flowers compliment eachother!
    My bouquet isn’t complete yet of course, so I don’t know what the final arrangement will consist of but it will be full and beautiful.

  4. Red roses–love
    Blue rose–spirituality
    Orchids–wilted & removed
    Bay leaves–earth
    Septembersong must live in California–I “think” there is only one other place where there are Eucalyptus. Beautiful–of nature. I must add some.
    Edit: Hullo? Do I have a kindred spirit? sandhya P chose EXACTLY all of mine but the orchids & bay leaves! Word for word! Fascinating!

  5. ive experienced so much in such a short time, an emotional roller coaster of a life… not as much as two hours of a drama movie though. still enough memories to have a bouquet of all of those colors, cept ive only had two spiritual awakening and one died out years ago

  6. Yellow Roses -for Hope
    Forget Me Nots-for Love
    Dafidols-for Joy
    Morning glories-for glee
    Lilaics-for fragance
    wild flowers-for youth
    Baby Breath-for birth
    Shamrocks- for Belief
    Surrounded with ferns-for Eternity

  7. Too many blue roses… but
    I’ve decided to start purchasing my bouquets from a different florist. Blue roses don’t have much of a scent and the colour fades too quickly.

  8. Irises for faith, hope & wisdom.
    Calla Lilies for sophistication & beauty.
    Snapdragons for desire & strength.
    Yellow Roses for joy & gladness.
    Orange Roses for fascination & enthusiasm.
    Sunflowers for adoration & sunshine.
    Bells of Ireland for goodluck & whimsy.
    Carnations for fascination & devoted love.

  9. Hypothetically, cauliflowers look like a brain and you don’t have to look anywhere, or broccolis, beware!, when asking about them the farmers will dump them outside your doors.
    Don’t read too much on the lips.
    Bouquet of flowers just like a potpouris it tastes better and look presentable , loving, contrasting one another, variety of choices but destruction will come as it withers.

  10. my bouquet consists of;
    Red roses–love
    Blue rose–spirituality
    Lavender- calm
    yes. it smells great! no regrets what so ever. i’m contented. the fruits of labour is reflected in our family. i’m proud to be a part of this awesome family.

  11. well!
    if a bouquet presented to you gives you a feeling that you are special and that repesents your feelings for you.
    that counts a lot
    i would like a bouquet of roses along with white flowers in my language ghulab and mootia
    that looks very nice, very appealing , gorgeous .
    what a beautiful combination of colors red and white.
    but in real life i have sunflowers smiling beautiful in the flowerpot near my bed .

  12. Etc.
    Forget me nots.
    They come in all colors. I’ll take them all.
    Legend has it that in medieval times, a knight and his lady were walking along the side of a river. He picked a posy of flowers, but because of the weight of his amour he fell into the river. As he was drowning he threw the posy to his loved one and shouted “Forget-me-not”. This is a flower connected with romance and tragic fate. It was often worn as a sign of faithfulness and enduring love. And sometimes tragic endings. Fagrant lightly to stir the memory


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