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if aleister crowley was evil? how come none of his books are direct?

most people who are claimed to be evil, devilworshipers, murderers rapists etc. never are direct, reading thru all that gooble dee gook on the net i dont understand what hes trying to say in his writing. BE DIRECt. if i was a devil worshipper and did magic and had sex parties i would say it directly.


  1. 93,
    He wasn’t evil. Saying any human being is evil cheapens the worth of humanity as a whole.
    He said it directly. Perhaps you just didn’t understand? I’ll condense it for you: “Do what you must do to make your existence worthwhile to you. Expect others to do the same.”
    Was that clear enough?
    Also, he wasn’t a devil worshiper [Or worshiper of any thing, really], you wouldn’t know how people who do magick act based on the final statement, and you most definitely would not admit to sex parties when at the time they were illegal where you were from [As it was with Crowley]
    93 93/93

  2. Your whole question rests on the first four words, “If Crowley was evil” Although he did knock about with some extremely dubious characters. Ask whoever told you he was evil, to furnish you with even one example of an evil act, comitted by Crowley. Everything Crowley did, had purpose behind it, and one of the most extraordinarily perceptive minds Humanity has ever thrown up. Add to that, his incredible will, and then take a look at his various Biograpies, and you will start to see what kind of a Man he really was. His purpose, his goals, his achievments, and his failures, all add up to build a picture of a Man who really understood Power, what it is good for, what it’s not good for, and where to seek it. If he had had a mind to wield it, then he would have been a Tyrant, a monster worse than Stalin, Hitler, Mussilini, all rolled into one. Look at the charisma Hitler had. Crowley had that too. Hitler was consumed utterly, largely because he let it posess him, Crowley never did. He was not driven by the megalomaniacal frenzy that animated Hitler. Hitler was driven by an insatiable lust for power. Crowley was driven by his Will, to Power. HIS Will. Not his flaky supremecist dreams, not the lumbering malleable souls of a whole Nation of worshipping people, and their expectations, HIS WILL. Alone. Crowley was certainly an Egocentric, control freak at times, a bit of a bully even, but only as far as it served his purpose. And his purpose was not to seek power, for it’s own sake, his method was exact, precise, scientific even, meticulously recorded, analysed, and focused. All his prodigious body of work, is available, for anyone to examine, read, expand on, reject, whatever. That was his gift to us. His work is full of allegory, tricks, traps for the unwary, lies, half truths, and even out and out bullshit. Thats how he taught. He suffered no fools, gladly, and was known to savagely deride, and ridicule those who would oppose him. And only a total fool would want him as an enemy. But throughout everything he ever wrote, runs a thread of pure gold, for those with eyes to see. If you would like to actually read any of his material, I would reccomend his “Diary of a Drug Fiend” a fictionalised mashup of his research, and descent into addiction, written before any legislation prohibiting the use of Drugs. But it is the most honest, unbiased, and insightful work ever to addres the subject of addiction, how it attempts to subjugate, trick, and dominate the human will. And how the will must be recognised, developed, trained and claimed, before a drug like Heroin, can be safely used. And it’s a bloody good story too, He fictionalises and even parodies himself in the story, as a larger than life plot dynamic. But I know at least half a dozen people who are still alive today, as a direct result of reading this book, at the right time in their lives. A work of genius, from an extraordinary man. So decide for yourself whether he was evil or not. I’ve not said whether he’s evil, or not here, it’s not for me to say. So make your own mind up. Ok, I’m done.

  3. How hard it it to understand “Do what thou wilt?”
    Are you trying to take metaphors literally or something?

  4. Yes, Crowley preached that people should “do what thou whilt should be the whole of the law.” Crowley wanted people to foget God’s laws and do what ever they want. Crowley practiced sex with young boys or should i say, rape with young boys. He influenced the psychadelic drug movement of the sixties after gaining an appreciation for some mystical religions of the Far East. He returned to London with hallucinogenic drugs, and outlandish sexual practices which he spread to europe and america in particular. He claimed to want to be satan’s chief of staff on earth.. He is evil. Totally evil.


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