If a woman asserts that the world is in political, spiritual and economic crisis because men are in control…

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Is she ignoring the fact that women have never had more say in the world and have never contributed more politically and economically than they do now?
If she gauges the dysfunction in the world by gender contribution, wouldn’t she have to conclude that women have contributed negatively to the world.
P.S. I don’t believe you drink beer.

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La Rose

Women are naturally submissive due to their estrogen levels. This may not sound “politically correct” but it’s true according to scientific studies. Even male rats ingested with estrogen begin behaving more submissively. Only women with higher testosterone levels can function as independent beings.


Man made everything. The internet, cars, cellphones, buildings, houses, electricity, sciences, math, space ships, fishing, hunting, farming, laws, order,….too many things to list. That girl needs a reality check.


thats the nature of women, to do nothing and complain when men do something, and jeer at men and say “we could have done it better”, but they never really do anything.

Christopher II

Women are now ruling the world, don’t you see it? Hillary Clinton was almost the first woman president..

Eoghan G

back seat driving, basically.
la rose has floored me with her honesty.

Laela (Layla)

When a woman asserts in a brash manner that women are in control; she has low self-esteem problems. Us, women have our own power that we should be proud of; it’s sad to see that many are not. For instance we have the gift of voice, in some cultures the very sound of our voice, alone sends a man to the moon, we speak far more words; these words when used in the right context can persuade a man to do just about anything. Women have always contributed positively; our only downfall is when we are pleasing our men we tend to forget all about us; we must never forget about us, that only leads to trouble; for everyone. It goes like this a dead rose can not give beauty nor can it smell of beauty; it only dries and withers away.


That’s assuming that the world was in better shape before. Which, as you would know if you knew anything about history, it obviously wasn’t. Your logic is appalling.

Miss Theo

Women complain and then sit back and let men do the actual work.
That’s how it’s always been.
Feminism only exists because of society and civilization which men have built. Men made the world a safe place for women to live in.


Women are now ruling the world, don’t you see it? Hillary Clinton was almost the first woman president..


The world has ALWAYS been under the control of men and it still is now and it is still and ALWAYS has been in turmoil.
America NEEDS a female president.
And in case you “people” have not been reading my posts I will say again “men” have destroyed the planet with all their inventions. The world is not a safe place for women. If you believe it is then go interview the women in Africa and other messed up third world countries and see who makes their lives a living hell. I assure you it’s not women.


True. Feminism is a big contributor to the spiritual crisis. Laws that poison the bonds between men and women are poisoning the very soul of society and giving our children a huge disadvantage in dealing with the reality of life i.e. life is tough but is helped by goodwill and give & take. Some of the very worst acts of feminism are the domestic ‘violence’ laws, and these are being promoted all over the world – literally e.g.


If anyone asserts that, they are being very foolish, the world; both good and bad aspects, are not due to one single gender but society as a whole. (A lot of it is a hangover from earlier days though – including attitudes, so your comments about the distribution of power today is not entirely correct. But then again, it wasn’t caused by innate differences between the genders, but more likely social/cultural factors)
La Rose… did YOU read that site? Included the “not deterministic” comment? Not to mention the debate on evolutionary continuism, and the reductionist debate….. Oh well, never mind, proper psychological research being hacked up by papers again…

Louise C

I doubt very much that it is true that women have never contributed more economically than they do now. women have always contributed to the economy to a large degree (though the way a lot of the people on here write, you’d think no woman ever lifted a finger before the 1960s).
I certainly think though that it is a lot of nonsense about the world being in crisis because men are in control. I don’t think it would make the slightest difference if all politicians were women, the world would still be much the same.


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