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If a Wiccan charges for services like tarot readings healing or other things what is a good price to expect?


  1. Between $20.00 and $40.00 Usually Wiccans don’t charge, but fortune tellers and palmistry readers do. I can’t belive I got a thumbs down..it was honest and I know Wiccans that would absolutely not charge for the services.
    I wen’t to a convention of this type about 9 months ago and the charges were between 20.00 and 40.00. Depending on the depth of the reading.

  2. Unfortunately, there is no Consumer Reports guide for spiritual services. There may be some standards for Reiki, which has a certification process. I’ve seen ranges from $20 to $50 for a tarot reading. It also depends on how detailed you want to get.
    Not all readers or healers are Wiccan. (Reiki is completely separate, but many Wiccans also practice it) I’m not Wiccan myself, so if you’re asking specifically about a Wiccan, maybe someone else can answer. Depending on tradition, some may be bound by their beliefs to not charge at all.

  3. For me it completely depends on the venue/situation.
    If I’m doing a fair or something where it’s more or less “for entertainment” I charge about the equivalent of $1/min. I usually have to kick something back to the organizers, and I have to deal with some pretty skeezy energy, so…
    I only do private parties for established “clients”, so I’d charge a flat rate if there would be a lot of strangers. If it’s mostly people I know, I put out a “donations” bucket and split the kitty 50/50 with whatever charity organization I put on the bucket.
    For privates, I usually charge lunch, margaritas, etc. If I don’t want to sit and have a meal with you, I don’t want to do serious reading for you.
    For healing, usually no charge. I’ll put the name of just about anyone on our healing altar, with the understanding that healing will happen if they are open to it. Reiki, aura balancing, etc, again, that’s something I keep to privates…the kind of people where there is an economy of gifts instead of actual money changing hands.

  4. The going price for a reading nowadays is anywhere between $20 – $150. I don’t think that there is a standard price among Wiccans though…especially since there is disagreement as to whether or not charging for spiritual things is karmically friendly or not.
    I personally wouldn’t charge any more than $50 and I think $50 is kind of high. I have always been more comfortable with $20. The people who charge a lot tend to have their own office and don’t just do a reading but do channeling or energy healing or something like that.
    IMO, healings should be more expensive than readings.
    I used to do readings in a store and we charged $50 but I had to split it with the store owner.
    Most “walk in” places you go to the person has to rent their reading space.
    I am okay with the karmic aspect of it. When you charge for spiritual services, you are charging for your time and time is valuable. If someone isn’t willing to pay for it, most times it’s because they don’t take it seriously or do not feel it is of monetary value. The exception of course are those who simply can’t spare the cash. Counselors get paid to counsel and listen, I don’t see how it is any different from that…money wise.

  5. I’m not a Wiccan but Pagan.
    I don’t see why a person should charge for healing. Someone with a gift shouldn’t be looking to make money off of it, but should instead be there to help.
    If somebody you’ve helped chooses to give a donation or gift, then that would be different 🙂
    Edit: to the previous poster. The things you list are employment positions which you’ve paid money to achieve it (a degree). A gift is a gift. Sorry

  6. One shouldn’t EXPECT payment for services. A donation may be made but payment shouldn’t be expected. However, the seeker should offer SOMETHING in gratitude for the service.
    Whatever you believe the service is worth would be ok.

  7. Well generally if you get a tarot reading, they may charge you by time, ex. $20/40/75 respectively for 15/30/60 minute limits… Depending on the reading, if it takes THEM longer to read for your question, they keep going with no additional cost.
    Wiccans should generally not charge for services, as it would be akin to a Christian charging for prayer request… A donation would probably be accepted though.

  8. I’m a massage therapist and also Reiki II as well as a Wiccan. Since people tend to only want something for free, I’ve set prices for healings through massage and/or Reiki at $35/hr (which is much lower than other locals in my area charge). As far as I’m concerned Tarot readings also are a skill set that are developed by the practitioner and should also have a set price (local to me its around $25/hr). As I don’t want to “get greedy”, I also have done volunteer work – including free massages and have done massages for less when I know that it is a hardship for the person to afford. I also know some massage therapists/Reiki practitioners that use the barter system when they encounter someone who needs their service but is unable to pay for it.


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