If a telepathy reading someone's mind can they blocking it ?

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I wonder if a telepathy iis reading our mind and can we block it because we don’t want our privacy be intrigued.

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Kylie W

I don’t understand the question…

~Dark Game Master

I’m assuming your question is that if someone if using telepathy, can we block it.
First of all, I personally do not believe in telepathy.
Second, I do not believe that the mind can be read. The mind is much too complex to be read exactly like a book.
If you believe in telepathy, that’s awesome, but I personally don’t. BTW, if someone did have telepathy, people wouldn’t need to make end of the world rumors, we’d already be there.


If you are able to know when some one is reading your mind, then maybe you too have telepathy, otherwise you would never know when some one is invading your thoughts.


yes, I think if feel your attention is drawn to someone, then you can try to distract it by think of something else,


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