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If a Society's laws are based on own Cultural values,are the values given by Social Morality?

And if these are settled by Individual and Social practices and mores,are they then based on spirituality and conscience?
Or they come from what other Logic or usages?
If we want to say Middle Eastern or Western Societies should not be based in Islam or Christianity (or Judaism?).
Or Zen,Taoism at others.
If Religion is obsolete superstition,then what determines Social Mores to have Laws?


  1. No, culture has nothing to do with morals. Culture to my view is linked with tradition. tradition is linked with little things like roast beef, and yorkshire pudding on a sunday.
    Spirituality is learnt behaviour. Conscience is linked to learnt behaviour.
    Socialism is simply control. Control is linked through conditioning of the Religious. Currently, religion is lost in the uk, and we are on the brink of discovering TRUE human nature.
    exciting stuff eh?

  2. religion is only one way of calculating morality. there are many other theories of how to determine the rightness or wrongness of a given action, such as its social utility, whether there is any personal gain, fulfillment of civil duties, etc.
    as a starting point, read about kant’s categorical imperative and ethical egoism. those should get you thinking

  3. As time progresses social mores change as social boundaries are pushed and an acceptance or tolerance to deviance is established. I believe mores were once based on religious practices but but a lot of those mores have now become folkways.


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