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If a psychic or medium charges money, shouldn't that be a red flag ?

How does the customer know if the medium is really talking with their dear old grandma, or if the psychic really isn’t a con person?


  1. Te best way to determine if a psychic or medium is a con artist is to see if they tell you that they are a psychic or medium. If so, they are a con artist.

  2. So not charging would allow you to know?
    Until they have some evidence, the so called psychics have no claim. If they do have evidence, there’s no less reason for them to charge than a doctor.

  3. that’s a touchy subject. My opinion (i had the gift at one time, but haven’t really worked with it very much for a while) is that if you’re going to do work for the public as a psychic or medium, that if you’re going to charge at all, it should be at the client’s discresion. Essentially, a ‘tip jar’ type work. I don’t know very many true psychics that actually charge for thier work, but it’s not out of the question to charge a small service charge to cover the cost of incense or candles if done on a larger scale, i.e. many ‘clients’.
    BB )O( STB

  4. There is always a risk that you are being conned but I do believe there are people who have that gift.
    Millions of churches ask for money every single day!!!!!


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