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If a powerful witch was to marry a vampire who do you think would have the upper hand?

Just a thought, If a witch can cast spells wouldn’t that mean she control the vampire?
I think I saw something like that a long time ago on Dark Shadows.


  1. it would greatly depend on what type of magic she could do or was willing to do. for example. is she evil? would she want to forse the vampire to do stuff he really didnt want to do? or was she just wanting a roll in the hay? one is easy, the other harder.
    also it would depend on if the vampire was imune to her charms (like is he gay?) and if he has any people he really likes other than the witch (which would make him more vunerable if she goes after the ones he likes) or if the vampire was evil himself he may just think she is great fun.
    it depends on the perticular situation
    but i think a witch maybe would have a bit of an advantage because she could maybe do spells that would effect a larger group of people and could move around more during the day. a vampire would be limited by sunlight and usually has to be in direct contact with someone to do the hypnotic eye thing. usually.
    theoretically speaking

  2. the witch would have the upper hand…cause all she’d do to get out of an argument is make sure she starts it during the daytime….lol…when she has a problem she can just walk outside….”c’mon out here and say that……I thought so!”

  3. Spiritually a match made in darkness. Both good together. The witch, although can put any number of spells on the vampire to keep her position, the vampire can use her life force any time without turning her into anything.
    I dont think they really care about each other. Its not a marriage as such, more of an agreed, sly, slavery of each other.


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