If a person is nearing death, does he's soul can do astral travel and the member of his family can see this?

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If a person is nearing death, does he’s soul can do astral travel?

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Answering King


Daffyd M

yes. also pigs start flying and hamburgers eat people. also trees sit on birds and people walk on their hands.


When my Mother was near death in the hospital. My Catholic girlfriend and I was in prayers with the priest. I felt my Mother’s spirit pass me on her way to the other side. My Mother was 100% psyhic and didn’t use her power for money only to help others. You do not have to see with your eyes to know when someone passes over. At this time it was summer and I began shaking from the cold.
I was trying to get a mortgage and called upon my Mom. She came to me in a dream and the next day I got my mortgage.
My friend Babe’s grandchild Kyle seen his grandfather and spoke to him and described what he was wearing on his person. He asked his grandfather to come upstairs and have coffee and cake. Joe said he didn’t have permission or time.




are you reading comic books? we get buried. Then we wait to be resurrected to judgment so no it isnt like that..


Yes, it can happen close to the time of death, either accidentally because the link with the physical body is weak, or if that person desires to tell the family they are leaving. There are many accounts of people seeing visions of a loved one who was close to death at the time of the vision. Sometimes if that person recovers, they are able to describe seeing their relative or friend and what they were wearing and doing at the time, etc.




Yes ,
According Indian Yoga Philosophy , Human can see Unlimited past,future on the completion of spiritual knowledge .
For spiritual knowledge, just do 15 minute daily practice of very simple method of Guru Siyag Siddha yoga Meditation .
method : http://the-comforter.org/How_to_Meditate.html
More detail : http://www.the-comforter.org

*Honest Blunt Opinioner*

well everytime a person is at a near death situation, they always see a bright light or wake up saying they got a little dose of hell.


Astral travel isn’t just for the dying. You can project your body into the ether if you have the discipline to do so.
As far as “…and the member of his family can see this?” I’m not sure what you mean by that but one in the flesh cannot see one in the spirit.


No and No


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