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If a Dog has a Buddha consciousness? What does it say about buddha when that same dog spends the hole day-?

liking it’s booty?


  1. That is a Zen dog. =)
    Apparently the dog definitely loses itself in the activity and is truly one with the universe.
    Don’t let it lick you afterwards though! =)

  2. There are many type of Buddhisms , most are religious (exemple Mahayana – Vajrayana etc)
    The original teachings of Buddha is the science of reality , unfortunatly it is almost instinct , messup in a sea of contradiction , religious stuff , rituals , prayers.
    Himself told the monks 2500 years ago that his teachings would degrade quite rapidly and become nothing more then a human invention , interpretations mixed with more interpretations.

  3. Everyone has the potential to be a President, a doctor and a lawyer or whatever, but obviously not everyone can become what our potential can be.
    A dog may have the Buddha Nature just like every other sentient being, but just being an animal severely limit its ability to have the wisdom to become Enlightened, that is why Animal Path is consider one of the three negative paths.
    Being born in Animal Realm- “Stupidity” is one of its set back and as result this “Stupidity”, those sentient beings born into this realm may take forever to get out of this path.
    But then again “Stupidity” is not in shortage in our human realm either, that is why to be Enlightenment in human world is such a rare occasion as well; to be exact many humans who cannot conduct themselves above animals conducts will fall into the animal realm in next incarnation.
    As to your dog, which licks its booty, is just being a dog doing what it’s doing best by keeping its body part sanitary without taking a shower. The conduct is a good reminder to you, so that you can see the horrible consequence, if you become an animal just like your dog.
    If you can learn from your dog and realize the truth of Samsara, and then actively seek ways to get out of the Cycles of Samsara, then your dog may even be a high level being, may be even a Bodhisattva (who has a strong connection to you) to show you how not to be foolish enough to fall into the wrong paths.
    Do you also remember aside from animals’ realm, there are two other even less desirable paths to fall into (Hungry Ghosts and Hells’ Beings paths)? So take a hint from your dog and be the best Buddhist you can, may be someday you’ll thank both your dog and this Yahoo answerer.

  4. All human has human consciousness — you won’t deny this right? So what does it say about human when some human are so evil? Or when some human are so kind? Or when some human are mad? Or when some human are so dumb? Or when some human are so smart?
    Thus, having the same consciousness only mean that one has the same capabilities — be it evil, kind, mad, dumb, smart e.t.c are all due to the functioning of consciousness. It says nothing what a particular person is.
    Similarly, saying a Dog has Buddha consciousness only mean that in future (lives), the dog may become a Buddha. Reversely, we as a human, if we walk the wrong path, we could become the Dog. This is because we still have greed, anger and ignorance (same as dog). But Buddha, after eliminating greed, anger and ignorance, he is enlightened and would never become a Dog or human anymore — because the root causes to become one have been eliminated.
    Buddha, unlike any other religious teachings, know clearly that every sentient beings can become another Buddha, thus he said that all sentient beings (including a dog) has Buddha consciousness. You should understand this correctly.


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