If a devine being appeared like christ, krishna or buddha and performed amazing miracles what would an?

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aetheist say or do and how would christians behave if they were told there was reincarnation by a devine being? I’m interested in how you aetheists of believers would treat this devine incarnation.

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If I saw this with my own two eyes like right here in my kitchen right now? Well I would fall on my knees and scream “MY Lord”, but it isn’t going to happen.


actuallly, Biblically speaking, that’s EXACTLY what will occur- there will be false prophets who will perform “miracles”- so, i hope you’re saved!


atheists aren’t like theists. we’d love to be proven wrong.


Until that happens I will remain an atheist. If that were to happen I would then believe. But I ask you, if you were walking in the woods and suddenly came across a bunch of trolls dancing around, how would you react? What would you think if people suddenly heard some noise coming from Einstein’s casket and it was then opened and Einstein came crawling out – what would you think? How would you react if suddenly the earth began to rotate in the other direction and right after the sun sank down below the horizon it would then start to rise again in the west instead of in the east? What if a dog you saw in the street suddenly said to you, Hey, Mack throw me a steak? What if a whale jumped out of the ocean and flew up into the sky and shouted “I am the way, the truth and the light”? What if Osama bin Laden flew over New York City sitting on an Oriental carpet? How would you react then? Would you convert to Mohammedanism?


It wouldnt matter. This is why the Jews were told by God NOT to go by “miracles” when knowing who is the true Messiah and who isnt. Amazing miracles dont bring world peace, an end to death, an end to illness, an end to poverty, an end to war. Do they. No.
This is why Jesus wasnt the Messiah. He failed to do any of those things. Walking on water? Big friggin deal. Children are still starving all over the earth. Healing a sick person or two? Big friggin deal, people are still dying of all manner of disease and illness all over the earth. Raising a dead person back to life? Big friggin deal, ALL of the dead who ever walked the earth are to be brought back to life in a world with no illness, no death, no war, no poverty. And the sages in the Jewish bible raised people from the dead several times – but they were not the Messiah any more than Jesus was.
See how that works? Or rather, DOESNT work?


I’ve read the answers here and I think they couldn’t be further from the truth…if some being performed amazing miracles and there was a sense that he was devine people would bow down and listen and take their life more seriously. Thousands of things would be accomplished and the world would know for the first time that god truly existed…that is what i think.


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