If a crystal ball could tell you the truth about any one thing about yourself, life, the future…?

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what would you want to know?

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if i will find true love with mi crush


That would be telling. :p

Eddie Cacciatore, Private Eye

I think I’d like to know my death date, so I could live accordingly. For example, if I’m dead at 50, I’m partying like crazy now. If it’s 95, I better save money carefully.


How much longer I have to stay on this earth.
So I can make proper major decisions, like
should I sell this house?


who in the world will i marry?!?!?


About myself – did I do all I could when I nursed my mother through her cancer – My life – is anything good coming my way for a change. and the future, will my family live a long and healthy life 🙂


Does creating a book of shadows make me more vulnerable to demonic possession or negative entity contact?

More specifically - would I be more vulnerable to these dangers during astral projection? Thank you 🙂

Black magick,shamanism, voodoo?

hey i am interested in the arts of black magick and i have read some good books on them (i do not have the...

How do you break in a deck of tarot?

I just got a new deck of tarot, and unlike my old cards, they're new. My old cards are a family heirloom, and they're...

naruto chakra question?

well since there are chakras and the chakra runs through all of your body, does that mean that its possible to do jutsus like...

when earth recives energy from the sun ,?

a . some energy is reflected back into space b. some is absorbed by the atmosphere c.some is absorbed by land and water on earth's surface d.all...

Do you believe in the predicting ability of Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce?

With the thousands of accurate predictions between these two men, it is quite difficult to believe that their abilities to predict the future were...
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