If a chakra were over energised,what colour would be introduced to re-create the balance.?

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I am trying to help my daughter with this alternative health question and have come to a standstill. This is a question appertaining to Colour Healing.

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renee b

I would say white. I have never thought of that possibility, but white would make sense to me, due to the fact that if a chakra were over-energized, then that would mean that the color would be VERY INTENSE. Dilute that vibrant color w/ subdued white!

With Eyes That See

She could work it off with excersize or use the left hand which is the receiving hand.
If need be a color, a possible Darkblue or navy, would soak up over energization.
To renergize and balance, use white throughout all the chakras.


You don’t need to energize more to produce a different color, Just sweep the excess energy from an overenergised chakra. Email me if you have more questions PranicHealing@comcast.net


i advise you to see the possiblity of using the color of the same chakra that you are treating .. to regain the balance.
each chakra has a color associated with it .. i guess this might help.
peace and light,


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