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I'd like to take a Reiki I certification…?

has anyone taken a class like this before? I’m very interested. Also, does anything actually physically happen when the attunement takes place?
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  1. Reiki Classes I teach in conjunction with San Antonio College Continuing Education for Nurses. I do attunements and everything.
    When I first started teaching Reiki I did it over the internet (my name was Flute and I was the Member Representative/Chat Host on Prodigy.net for the Healing Circle). This was in 1994 and we had a chat room that Prodigy was just setting up and promoting the Internet experience. It was an amazing time. I was doing a sort of healing prior to that but didn’t know what was going on so I took Reiki classes at Earthmother on Austin Hwy. in San Antonio and got my teacher’s certificate in 1995.
    My experience is that people need to have person to person interaction to get it all working in the mind, body and spirit. In the last few years I have found that more people need a very mainstream way of understanding Reiki.
    Because I had lived in Hawaii and Japan, I never felt to comfortable with the Story that Usui was a christian who became a Doctor by going to school in Chicago. I did research on the Usui San story and found some very interesting things and timelines that I teach in my classes.
    Usui Died in 1926, and had been teaching Reiki since many years before that.In 1908 was when General Motors first put their ModelT for sale. (I have pictures of my great grandfather next to his Model T with a new deal of 4 doors in 1918. There were no real roadways or freeways then. Also the Airplane industry hadn’t even started until the 1930s. That inspired me to look even deeper.

  2. I’ve taken Reiki I and II. Great classes but taught in different styles yet with the same principles. Most practitioners I know will take classes from other practitioners as they learn from each other.
    Everyone’s experience with the attunement is different and personal. Some people feel things others do not. I can only speak about my own. Without going into detail as I feel it’s sacred, for me It was a more heightened sense of ‘knowing’. But as I said others in my class had different experiences.
    Hope that helps

  3. Namaste-
    I am a Usui Reiki Master, and took my Reiki I back in 2000.
    I was drawn to study as a practitioner after having experienced several Reiki treatments from some friends of mine. Each experience was amazingly healing, and each had it’s unique “flavor” as it came through the different people. While having regular treatments, I found a new level of health that I had not ever acheived before, and was also beginning to develop my intuitive skills more rapidly. Overall, I became a practitioner to improve my own health, but very quickly was presented with more and more opportunities to work in the healing arts for others.
    What exactly gets taught in a Usui Reiki I class is both similar and very different depending on the Master that you are learning from. There are core elements that are mandatory, however how they are presented, and with what supporting info and practicals varies greatly.
    Some classes are very minimalistic, just providing those core facts and then giving lots of hands-on time. Other classes are more clinical and go more in-depth into the chakras, aura, and meridian anatomy, while focusing on the more physical applications of Reiki. Some classes are more spiritually bent, where the material is approached as more of a spiritual development program within which healing is simply part of the larger process, but personal evolution is stressed. Those classes can often get into the idea of “Reiki Guides” and other more metaphysical notions. There are also very orthodox classes, which are based exclusively on teaching the material in the traditional Japanese fashion, and who adhere strictly to pre-determined definitions of what Reiki is and is not.
    The classes I teach as designed to meet the Canadian Reiki Association’s guidelines for Reiki education, and I also provide a good deal of additional context material for each of the topics covered in the class. I cover energetic anatomy, as it is important to have a working understanding of these systems as a healer. I also present the “Reiki Story” and the history and development of the system from a historical perspective, rather than the mythologized parable version that is still the more commonly transmitted one in Reiki classes (for instance, Mikao Usui was NOT a Christian minister), while still presenting the common versions for compare-and-contrast. I also stress the lessons that are inherant to the cultural mileu out of which Reiki grew, but that get left out of many classes – such as the importance of cultivating a state of compassionate detachment, or mindfulness, during healing sessions. I also present a good deal of information on grounding and centering, with special emphasis on energetic shielding, protection, and hygiene for healers. That is VERY important information to get in a Reiki class. Then of course, there is plenty of hands-on practice time provided!
    As to the attunements, these are ceremonies that are designed to communicate to your conscious, subconscious, and Higher Self that you are able to transmit healing energy to others. It is a way to remind you of your birthright as a Child of the Universe. There is also some energy emparted to the student from the Reiki Master to give them a little extra “push” in the right direction. The attunement also services as a mega energetic cleansing and re-alignment, that enables your subtle body to contain more Light (or reiki energy) and transmit more effectively.
    What the student feels during this varies greatly from student to student, depending on where their spiritual development is at that moment, and also with what they are ready to and need to at that time. The most commonly reported sensations are a wave of energy moving through the body along with a sense of peace and calm. Some experience the energy as more envigorating, and feel energized afterwards. Others feel it on the emotional level and feel waves of peace, joy, or the release of pent-up emotions during the attunement, which sometimes causes tears to flow. Most people experience one of these, or a very similar, subtle experiences. Others have more dramatic experiences, especially if they are particularly clairvoyant or otherwise psychically gifted. Some people feel nothing, but they are still able to heal effectively.
    I wrote a pretty long blog entry about the nature of the Reiki attunements and the symbols. Feel free to read it at http://reikisynergy.blogspot.com/2008/06/boring-truth-about-reiki-symbols-and.html
    If you can, train in person with an experienced Reiki Master. See if you can get a syllabus or outline of the class contents before registering for any classes, to make sure that all the important elements are covered. Working and training in person is the ideal.
    However there are many people who do not live near a Reiki Master, or for many other different reasons cannot train in-person and there are certainly good options out there…but you have to look harder for them. There are lo

  4. I have been a Reiki level II for some years now. I took the class as a sort of lark and found it pleasant and interesting, but I don’t use itmuch. I did not notice anything special during the attunement.
    This story might interest you, though. It gives me food for thought.
    I used to be hospice counselor. I was doing vigil one night with a man a few hours from dying. In the dimly light room, alone with him, it occurred me to do some basic Reiki for the general atmosphere of the room, wanting it to be peaceful. He was not aware of my hand gestures or prayers. A few hours later, he was awake and I was by his bedside as he began to describe what he was seeing and feeling. He described some folks in the room, not visible to me, then he casually looked over my right shoulder and said: “There’s a Japanese man here, but he is with you”. Just about floored me.
    I think there is something to alternative healing I’m just not sure how to separate the valuable from the hoopla. Use good common sense, trust your own instincts, and have some respect for things outside the linear, thinking-mode style of medicine practiced in the western world.
    by the way, I did not pay much money for my Reiki training and tend to believe it should not be expensive.


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