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I'd like to know about auras…?

I am fascinated by auras. I am the kind of person who wants to believe in phenomenon we cannot explain but at the same time needs proof in order to accept/reject something.
I’m prone to migraines and I’ve read that those who suffer from migraines might experience auras. I, unfortunately, am not one of them. Is there any way for I or someone to figure out my aura? Naturally? Through a picture? (Although I don’t believe that aura-taking-picture-machine thing).
Please no negative comments about how it’s all fake.


  1. Actually there is. Thiers a couple of diffrent ways but here’s the easyist. Take a picture of you but make sure that your outside in direct sunlight at excatly 12:00. Then develope or print out the photo. Once you’ve done that have someone or whoever you have in mind to sleep with the picture under thier pillow. They should have a dream of you bathed in a certain color of light and then that’s your aura color. Good Luck!!!!!!!

  2. Get the book auracolors or better yet go to auracolors.com
    Pamala Oslie is the author of the book Aura Colors and she has a quiz that you can take to find out your aura colors, then the book explains more about you depending on your color. It’s a very good and informative book. If you need more info, you can also get a personal reading with her. She is VERY good but expensive. You will be amazed! (You can take the quiz online to find out your auracolors)

  3. Hi, incase this is also what u heard. People with extreme epilepsy get migranes and experience auraus after the migrane but just before a really bad seziure (sorry bout the spelling) Google it and you’ll see!!
    The photo aura thing though is totally fascinating but not associated with migranes xx

  4. The migraine aura is different from the other kind of aura…the migraine type is a visual disturbance where you see everything blurred and askew…the other type of aura…stand in front of a white wall facing a mirror and look at the mirror with your eyes unfocused…you should see a layer of fuzziness around your head and shoulders…keep looking and a color might be noticeable…the lighting in the room should be muted as a brightly lit room will prevent seeing the aura..

  5. Hold your hand up against a white wall, stare “through” your fingers toward the wall. Do this for about 10 seconds or so.. Soon you’ll probably start to see a color. At first it may just be white, but after some practice you may start seeing color.

  6. I have learned to see auras, there’s a few books on it. This book worked for me: “Auras: See Them in Only 60 seconds” by Mark Smith
    I see auras the best in a certain light when the person is against a plain background and they aren’t moving very much. I often look at an aura when I go to hear someone give a lecture. LOL
    Some people see auras naturally in much more detail.

  7. firstly those who have epilepsy and migraines do not necessarily see auras, they have light flares etc which is most definitely not an aura.
    light is emitted from an individual and the wave formations determine the colours that i perceive. everone feels or senses energy emissions from others and in rooms, most have experienced the feeling of wanting to move away from someone or feeling attracted, have had a sense of discomfort in a room and instantly liking a space for no apparent reason.
    the only thing that changes is the level of awareness, if you develop certain skills you can see auras around people, others feel it without seeing but either way the skill is in interpreting the energy and being able to read it back.
    the coggins aura camera does work but not all readers can see aura and often resort to the computer print out of meanings, the aura is much more subtle than that. also the camera has natural limitations, the lower half of the body is not usually in the pictue and hand plates are biofeedback devices that radiate to reflexology points in the hands, these of course determine the part of the body the colour will be presented at. the main limitation for accuracy and depth is a colour well overide another or dominate, this is a film problem as a photo cannot represent the varying layers and their interaction. so limited but not necessarily pointless.
    click on the link below to learn a bit more and find meanings for the colours

  8. Try to find a Psychic Fair , Metaphysical or Paranormal Expo etc ……
    You can have your aura read .. they will tell you the color and what it means for you …..


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