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Id like to email/chat/and eventually maybe meet Art Bell and Coast to Coast am listeners. Love the open mind.?

Like it says above, I have an interest in all that accompanies the paranormal program. Please leave contact info. I would immensely enjoy rapping about the subject matter. Ideas are important to me, they are all we have, an open mind is like a parachute, it only functions when opened.
I have a great deal of information to impart with as well. You will be delighted to have this dialogue. I need others such as myself to bounce these ideas off of. Take care and good luck to us both!
I am a hypnotist, I do hypnosis, past life regression, hypnosis for healing, self improvement, spiritual hypnosis. Its multileveled!
Enchant me!
Also I want to say, if you cannot be respectful when leaving a post, or if for some reason you feel superior by leaving a message and fleeing, for fear of dialogue, just don’t post. Do not give me a hard time, do not post to feel superior, I will simply report you. I seek only open minded people, not the kooks that insult and run. Shame on you


  1. hi! how thee? 🙂 may blessings of the creator be upon us.
    so ur a hypnotist.. 🙂 thats sound interesting! 🙂 well, as of now, i got nothing to say.. im just interested in with ur mind, or the things i may learn from u… 🙂 btw, u can call me RHAM, male 39 yrs old, FILIPINO. unhappily married with kids. im a BELIEVER. a person that, i shall say, BELONGS to the GOOD SIDE of this WORLD.
    thats all for now.. 🙂
    a FRIEND,

  2. I know a guy you could chat with on here that is a listener of them and a guest on the show sometimes…his name is mistermobius on here tell him Candice sent you.


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