I would love to learn how to read tarot cards.?





I’ve been going crazy looking for a perfect deck for me. Can anyone please help me where can i find an easy deck to learn with, what;s the best book to go by and what else do I need for the reading.
Thank you,


  1. first, go to the library and check out a few books on various kinds.
    Some may feel more natural to you than others. You might also look for books on intuition.
    Most of the cards will stimulate your intuition. It is a skill you can develop over time, or
    maybe you already have it and do not realize.

  2. HA HA!!! I been looking that up as well… But I know some people that may help.
    There is this really cool site! Oh, and it is free. There is free online classes you can take as well.
    Just go to http://www.mediumystic.co.uk
    Also, I wouldn’t listen to those people who say “you are opening the devils chambers, blah bal blah” Some of these people are more spiritual then so called christians 🙂 Hope this helped.

  3. The traditional tarot is the Rider Waite Deck a lot of people choose that deck to learn off of. But I always tell people to go to the bookstore and browse the Tarot section if one of the decks seems to appeal to you than that’s the one you should pick. MOST decks come with books sometimes you find a beginners set which is the deck and a companion book in a box set. Single Decks will have a little white book in side which has a brief meaning of each card. As far as a good book to learn off of I suggest the Idiot’s Guide to Tarot 2nd Edition. IMHO I find that its the most fair book with good tips for beginners. Please don’t worry about memorizing all the meanings right away – practice makes perfect and you will find that the more you work with the cards the more familiar you will be with them it takes time. I say what you need is a deck that appeals to you (I highly suggest that Idiot’s Guide 2nd Ed.) and notebook to keep notes in.
    You may also want to join a group on Yahoo for Tarot readers there are a lot of groups on there that you can get some insight and tips from fellow readers.

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