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I would love to be visited tonight by a succubus?

I’ve been visited before by succubi; but, not on a regular basis.
I would to have one visit me regularly.
How can I get a succubus to visit me regularly.


  • I think what you really want is a suck-u-bus.

    Now go to sleep you have to go to work tomorrow. After work you can get a real succubus, she’ll cost about $50.00.

  • I hate to answer a question with a question, but why would u want a female demon to come and rip away ur soul and drag it off to hell just so u can have sex? are u even serious? do u know anything about succubi?

  • All you have to is to go on line and type in the search bar,how to summon a succubus,it will show you everything you need to increase your chances of being visited by one.Hope this helps you out,Tomb Raider.

  • Not a good idea, get a girlfriend, or doll companion, but if you must know there is an author named Donald Tyson that instructs people how to have sex with spirits, but I would not advise this, you’ve been forwarned!

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