I would like to let all succubi know I want to be visited by them. How can I get the word out?

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You do know that if you are seduced by a succubi (or incubus, the male counterpart), you’ll die of exhaustion? They feed off your energy… not a great idea.


If you find out please let me know too……I am not to choosy so is ok if they are ugly or still in training…..no Democrats please, they just want to trash talk.

Nice Guy

I’ll pass it on to my ex-wife.


I think they frequent the paranormal section of Y!A, so your all set. Good luck

Johnny Guano

I went to a churchyard one minute after midnight (preferably one with a graveyard) I carried a chalice containing some drops of my own blood, some fluid, red wine, and dirt from a crossroads. I mixed all this with dirt from the grave of a woman. (Elizabeth Granger 1801-1830) and drew a lascivious (sp) picture in the mud. Then I spit upon it and lay with arms outstretched. The dark form of a woman appeared at the cemetery gate within three minutes. Good luck, mac.


Tell them you got about three fifty.

Steve meat

seriously , hunt down an old Ouija board ( the older the better ) find a believer , get a dark room , candle ( just one ) ,,then anounce your presence …don,t give up , if you want to succeed it may take a few hours ,..focus ..concentrate …if nothing happens keep at it ,..remember don,t give up.

The Flying Were-Leopard Mermaid

Put a sign out the front of your house reading, “Succubi wanted”

Tomb Raider

Do me favor and go on line and type succubus in the search bar,it will show you a lot of history and info regarding this.I’m sure you’ll find your answers here.


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