I would like to know what you get from these tarot cards. Experienced tarot readers?





In a reading regarding what will happen between a certain two people in 3 months.
I pulled the Chariot, Judgement and the Knight of cups.
I know the knight of cups can sometimes mean a fight for love.
Any other meanigns/advice on this?


  1. Hello Tash
    Chariot ~ This card shows a stressful ride, a time where control is needed or chaos will disrupt issues.
    Judgment ~ this is a card of summing things up, situations coming to an end, a time to accept what is.
    Knight of cups ~ this is a romantic card, showing attraction – but also daydreaming.
    Overall, by taking charge, accepting aspects that cannot be changed there is a psychical & emotional attraction that could be beneficial.

  2. First understand that a reading is based on the present course of action of the Seeker. You can change anything at anytime by changing your present course of action.
    The Chariot represents the Universal Child who lets go of the reigns and trust in the universe, but you must not fear. You must control your emotions and believe in yourself.
    Judgement often signals that a major change is heading your way, but the change will not be a destructive one. The change is under your control, (See Chariot). Judgement teaches that while you must be aware of the past and the lessons you have learned, you must not degrade yourself because of mistakes – mistakes are just part of learning! Put the past behind you and look to the future, ready to begin again. Now is time for a definite step, so don’t let the shadows of the past hold you back.
    The Knight of Cups is a messenger; represents invitations, messages of love and proposals of marriage. The Knight of Cups can also represent wisdom that comes from your dreams to help you surmount obstacles in your life at the moment.
    So what do I think this all means? I think that if these two people trust in the universe, believe in themselves, learn from, but not dwell on past mistakes, AND continue on their present course of action, love will develop. (But, then again, I’m an optimist).

  3. Since they are your cards, they are running off of your energy and your understanding of symbolism.
    If I were to read them, they would not be accurate.
    What you need to do is look at each image -what colours do you see? what symbols?
    what’s the season in the card?
    Is yellow showing fall? or is yellow happiness to you?
    is a dog dangerous for you? or do you love dogs and they mean friendship?(just examples of images seen on some cards).
    Is the person in the cards an adult? a teenager? or a child to you? do they rpresent a person or a situation?
    Look at each thing and let the meanings come to you.
    It is difficult to read one’s own cards-b.c it turns biased, and I really don’t recomend doing it too too much- however if you do get someone else to, it needs to be their own cards that will be shuffled by you and will then be interpreted based on the cards owners meanings.
    You can also get alot of practice by reading other people in this manner with your own cards.
    To get away from bias, I baught myself what are called Russian Gypsy cards, and angel oracle cards.
    Accurate cards that don’t rely on an interpretation and they are useful when I need some insight and don’t want to get my own biased in the way.

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