Home Discussion Forum I would like to know what people think of psychic mediums?

I would like to know what people think of psychic mediums?

i went to see a medium and my parents came through the medium gave me messages only my parents would have known he was excellent, i have been to many fakes but this guy was brilliant actually freaked me out he was so good


  1. Well, since I am one,,”Awesome!” In general, we are down-to earth open minded people. We can look past the facade of reality and see what truly is beyond. Sadly there are many fakes intent on deceiving people and taking all there money and playing with emotions. A true gifted “sensitive” is guided to help others and the greater good.

  2. I believe that there are people who have certain abilities, see the past present and future of themselves and the world around them.
    I also think that they are of good use to the world like weather (only kidding) and police investigative cases. Where someone went missing.

  3. More power to them. Sadly, I am not so gifted, but just because I don’t know first hand, doesn’t mean I should condemn them out-of-hand. I sometimes see ghosts, THAT’S real.
    P.S. Aren’t all mediums psychic?

  4. That’s a general question, but here’s my answer. My experiences is that personally they are just like you or me and are as individualistic as anybody else. No better or worse in any way. Could be the person next door.
    I will qualify that statement with this caveat. I don’t personally believe that psychic mediums have any paranormal ability whatsoever. But that doesn’t mean the medium doesn’t believe in the ability. I tend to think that most non-famous mediums are honest about what they believe regarding their abilities. But I don’t have to tell anyone that there are frauds in this business as well and are out there to make a buck.

  5. I believe that some people could have a sixth sense [ my family says third eye] I consider them people who have the ability to sense spirits on a room or someone spirits feel comfortable communicating with.That is my opinion on it.

  6. I believe some people have these abilities but there are also a lot of fake out there too. I talked to one psychic in 1992 and he predicted it right. I have not had any other experiences with well known psychics, but my friends and associates who claim this are wrong more than they are right.

  7. As long as they’re only fooling themselves.I think they’re harmless.When they’re fooling others for profit they are despicable frauds.I would put anyone charging even nominal amounts in the latter category.

  8. i truly believe that there are real psychic mediums. i think that spirits only come through to people that they know will be able to handle their presence. and maybe these people use different parts of their brain, that the general population doesn’t use. we only use an estimated 13% of our brain. imagine what we could do if we used it all.

  9. Psychics gifts and abilities are not from God so it is not a good thing that you went to see one. People become psychics as a result of becoming involved in the occult which is very dangerous or their family members or deceased relatives were involved in the occult and when they died those abilities were passed on to their relatives. Might I suggest therefore that you stop dabbling with psychics and mediums because nothing good can come from it. Pray and ask Jesus Christ to forgive you for dabbling in the occult and ask him to cleanse you from it. Also pray and ask Jesus Christ to deliver your family from the occult. Take care!!!!


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