I have heard so many accounts of Christian NDE and where they go, but have not heard seriously much of Muslim or Buddhist side of the near death experience stories. Anyone care to share? (Please Christians don’t just tell me they all went to hell as an answer…)


  • The near death experience is not religious, however if a person belongs to a certain religion they are likely to name any spiritual being they see as a character from their religion. Actually the light beings are of no religion. I have had a near death experience and studied them for decades. The experience is about love and compassion, without religion.

  • The best thing is to do your research online. The typical NDE follows the person’s personal beliefs and the religion they are raised around, so typically they will see whatever their belief follows.

    Also you have to remember, America is predominately Christian, so it’s less likely Islamic and Buddhist NDEs will be heard of. Americans want Christianity to be proven true so those will be the NDEs to get the most attention, and most religious people who have NDEs in America are Christian, so it will be their belief system they experience. If America was predominately Islamic, we’d probably be hearing of people seeing Allah and Muhammad. But since America is predominately Christian, it’s God and Jesus you will hear about.

  • Peace to those who seek the truth
    my grand father had friend, they were both very pious and made an agreement, who ever die first shall tell the other about life-after. my grand father friend’s died first, days went by, then, in Medina, non local guy saw the prophet ppuh told the man in his dream: “go to Damascus and tell Abu Jameel al-Hasani that he and his friend are in higher placement in Heaven”

  • I tried to look that up as well. I am Christian and have inlaws who are Muslim. They only knew one guy who had a NDE who remained Muslim, just changed his wicked way. However, they all believe the terrorists and crazy extremists are all going to burn in hell rather then see any virgin in heaven. By the way, the Virgin thing is a brainwashing scheme the extremists preach.

  • im atheist and had that bs “light at the end of the tunnel” thing. it happens to everyone, now stop being a hater.

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