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I would like to know does anyone have any good near death experience?

i would like to know because i am kind of a near death experience right now but i would just like to know…………


  1. i had a heart attack. i didn’t know how serious it was until i heard the ambulance driver say to the hospital security guard, “we have a critical patient here.” i was awake during most of the operation.
    no i didn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel but i was pretty frightened and more worried about who will care for my 2 dogs.

  2. well, i don’t know about death..
    but i woke up at 4:30 in the morning to get to work, but for some reason, i didn’t want to go to work..
    so, i thought to myself, maybe i’ll stay home and go to the
    DMV or take care of my Grandmother, because she have hemerroids. I went to the Kitchen and heard my Grandmother
    crying/moaning and asked her what’s wrong.
    She looked at me in a confused manner and i knew something was wrong. I called the paramedics and try to keep a conversation with her, but she couldn’t talk, it was slurred or something, but all i heard on our conversation was, “Brother, Brother” .. and ” it hurts” then she started throwing up and crying.. and they came and told
    me that her blood sugar was at 54. But i know she ate papaya last night, i saw it at her trash, also i was talking to her and i bought
    her some food to eat, but i’m guessing she didn’t eat enough
    food when she took her diabetes pills.
    But right now, she’s at the hospital and i’m crying and hoping
    she feels better

  3. my mother has had a near death experience before. i think it was heart failure. her description was pretty typical of others. she said she saw flashbacks of her life and was told by an unidentifiable man that it wasn’t her time. she was brought back after that.

  4. As a child I had an illness that developed a complication which left me in a coma. My family was told to prepare for me to die, but obviously I didn’t. When I woke up from the coma, I was partially blind, and so that’s just how I lived–but only for the next 11 years. 11 years later, I decided to change religions, and as I crossed over the property line of the new church I was joining–I mean literally as I walked onto the property, that left over partial blindness from that childhood illness literally lifted away from me. What Church do you think I’ve belonged to ever since! I nearly died and ended up knowing for sure what Church to belong to. I was becoming, and did become, Greek Orthodox Christian. It’s lot different from what I grew up in, so I probably would have argued against a lot of what they teach, and God knew that was my nature, so He Who knew my weakness, gave me exactly what I couldn’t possibly argue against in order to help me make it into that religion. Isn’t it amazing how He gives us exactly what we need…..

  5. I had just had surgery when my grandfather passed away. 3-4 days later I developed an infection that they could not find. My fever had gotten very high and I was dying. I had this “dream” where everything was sooooo beautiful- the greens were so green that it was almost blinding- I found my grandfather there- he was sitting on his couch reading the newspaper- I said “there you are” and without looking up he said “yes”. I said “they told me that you died” and he said “I did”. I then told him that it was so beautiful here that I wanted to stay. He then looked up at me and told me “NO! You have Eyeballs (his pet name for my daughter) and the new baby, they need you, its time to go back” I then stated that I was tired and just wanted to stay- he got very stern and told me that I was going to listen to him and go back, we would see each other later. I turned around heartbroken and went back into the green forest- and started heading for the sun- the brightness kept getting brighter until it was burning my eyes- I opened them to find myself if the hospital with the exam light in my eyes, packed in ice- the first thing I heard was “Her fever is going down”. I truly believe that my PapaFred saved my life. It was beautiful. It was also 16 years ago and I can remember every single detail, feeling– it was SO real!
    ps The infection was found in my NG tube in my throat- it damn near killed me! They had opened me back up and could not find it until they pulled the tube!

  6. I was in a car accident when i was 14 and i was instantly in a coma. When I woke up (1 month later) I could tell my mom everything that was at the crash scene because i remember seeing it. My dad had also passed away before the crash and I remember vividly speaking to him and my grandad and they were telling me to just stay with them for the moment but i had to go back when the time was right. The doctors didnt expect me to recover the way i did but my dad and grandad were looking after me to make sure i did!
    I feel now that death is nothing to be scared of. Im actually interested to know more!!!
    What is your experience?

  7. I have the “Witch riding your back” dreams.
    To me, it feels as if I am dying. Kind of keeps me from wanting to go to sleep


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