Home Discussion Forum I would like to hear some thoughts on this.?

I would like to hear some thoughts on this.?

Sometimes I do like to read about other beliefs than my own. I do like to keep an open mind if possible. I was reading a book on shamanism and it said that people and animals are the same. Please give me your thoughts.
ok correction lol. I would love to hear your opinions or to correct my self again. Read them.


  1. They are — on certain levels.
    Native Americans believe that everything is alive, rocks, dirt, mountains, etc…and they are, on a level that they can understand.

  2. I remember reading somewhere that the idea of Santa actually came from Shamanism. Santa was originally a Shaman or something.
    This has nothing to do with the actual question SRY GUISE

  3. we are mammals, just another creation of God.
    THe only difference we have a powerful brain compared to our other counterparts…

  4. Well, “the same”, I don’t know. I don’t have wings, I don’t have claws to speak of, and they don’t have a personal computer.
    That said:
    Scientific classification
    Domain: Eukaryota
    Kingdom: Animalia
    Phylum: Chordata
    Class: Mammalia
    Order: Primates
    Family: Hominidae
    Genus: Homo
    Species: H. sapiens
    Subspecies: H. s. sapiens
    So we are part of the animal kingdom.

  5. we are animals.. just smarter and have feelings some animals dont.. we are all TRAINED animals. if we werent trained we would be killing each other goin crazy eating whatever and probly have no clothes and would be dirty, the world would be crazy

  6. Ps 139:14
    14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    Gen 1:26
    26 Then God said, “Let us make man in our image…….

  7. People and animals are not the same. There are similarities, to be sure, but not the same. God created man in His image, and placed man above the animals, that we have dominion over them. He created us to be the pinnacle of His Creation, just a little lower than the angels.

  8. Common sense tells us that people are not the same as animals, although some people may at times act like animals. Animals have a different kind of soul than mankind and won’t be Judged by God as human. I don’t believe in reincarnation, but if it were true, why would a loving God make a human return as an ant or an elephant or make an ant go through a flesh human body?…although some humans seem to have the brain size of an ant…

  9. Have you seen a dog talking to a dog?
    A cow wearing clothes, a horse writing, a cat driving a car?
    You could have answered the question.
    Keep an open mind and thoughte and you will not be strayed.

  10. You might find the Foundation for Shamanic Studies’s website interesting. Michael Harner as an athropoligist studied a number of native cultures & distilled comment elements of shamanism. (And also identified a way it can be learned.)
    Shamanism is a Siberian term for the healer/religious leader of the community. Many native cultures have the equivalent of a Shaman.
    With so many cultures, you can’t generalize from one to the next. So, this one said people & animals are the same. Exactly what did they mean by that, in what context. Often the words are more allegorical, or philosophical. In many ways, people are another type of animal. We share emotional chemical systems, basic life needs, existence on this planet, etc.. Native cultures often have more respect for & direct connection to nature. So, they tend to see themselves as a part of the natural world & it’s animals. They have much less arrogance of humans being superior & separate, with nothing in common with animals.
    Harner’s first book isn’t the best read, a bit confusing & anthropological of a specific group. Some of the other authors in the field are better (I can give you names) – but the organization is great. One other well know person is Sandra Ingerman, also Tom Cowan.

  11. As far as a stage of life is concerned yes , when we are engaged & enthrilled only by the activities shared by animals with us like eating , playing , family keep , procreation & naps.But a little later Human material tries to show its true , higher & hidden colours unfolding like the morning flowers from within ,like sacrifice , helping needy , meditation & above all trying to understand & commune with our True creator.It is here Humans are outstandingly different from all creations.


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